Friday, January 27, 2012

What does $211,828,708 worth of All-Star players look like?

Last night, the NHL All-Star Game held its live draft, and you can see the results for that over on the NHL website.

Beyond that, how did the two team Captains do? How would their rosters look like in comparison to a regular NHL salary? (Hint: Way, way, way over the salary cap.) And what kind of stats do these players bring to the game?

Here's a look at both teams, by the numbers. Player stats are compiled from, and player salaries are compiled from

Offensive firepower comparisons:
Team Chara : 265 goals, 473 assists, 738 points
Team Alfredsson : 291 goals, 445 assists, 743 points

Team Chara : 67-37-9 with 11 shutouts, 1.96 GAA and .930 sv%
Team Alfredsson : 58-27-15 with 16 shutouts, 1.97 GAA and .936 sv%

Team Chara : 56 goals, 77 assists, 133 points
Team Alfredsson : 54 goals, 68 assists, 122 points

Further fun with figures from these stats: this set of stats is mainly for the salary stat nerds - what does the average player look like (veteran/goalie/rookie), east vs. west, and broken down by percentage.

Given the scoring totals above, and the salaries laid out here, there is a total of 666 goals and 1,063 assists, for 1,729 points. Or, roughly $111,367 for every point earned across 48 skaters. For the goalies: every save they've made is worth $3,358; and it's cost $46,784 for each goal given up.

There's one other graphic I also compiled this week, and that's a look at how the players shake out, West vs. East, as the final selections for the 2012 All-Star Game. Last year, the attendees were evenly distributed; this year, it was a nearly perfect 40-60% West-East split.

As you can see, this year, the Western Conference had 14 veterans, 3 goalies, and 5 rookies; the Eastern Conference had 22 veterans, 3 goalies, and 7 rookies. Teams without any representation were the Winnipeg Jets and NJ Devils, both EC teams - originally, they were represented, but when their players (1 vet for WPG and 2 rookies for NJD) were injured, they were replaced by players on other teams. Of the 3 western/4 eastern players that ended up not being on the roster due to injury/other, they were replaced by 2 western/5 eastern players.

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