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NHL St. Patrick's day ad : Today, we're all Irish

Fun. Brilliant. Love it!

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Off the Ice: An interview with goalie Bobby Goepfert of the Florida Everblades

Goaltender Bobby Goepfert of the Florida Everblades leapt to the national attention of hockey fans back in December, when the video of his goalie-vs-goalie fight with Billy Sauer of the Gwinnett Gladiators made Puck Daddy.

Although he has a two-way contract between the Everblades/Charlotte Checkers (he's in the Carolina Hurricanes system), Goepfert has spent the majority of the year playing for the Everblades, putting together a solid 21-12-0-3 record, with 0.916 sv% and 2.77 GAA, including two shutouts and an impressive 12-round shootout versus the Greenville Road Warriors in February.

He's not of the typical modern goalie mold, either: at 5'10" and 170 pounds, he's closer in size to Tim Thomas and Marty Turco - who are both 5'11" - than the majority of pro goalies today, where the idea of 6'2"+ and "bigger is better to fill up the net" seems to be the trend. But to watch him play, you wouldn't know it - like his role model Thomas, Goepfert is a battler in the net. One of his college coaches, Bob Motzko at St. Cloud State, called him “a fierce competitor.” He's focused on the puck and has good ice awareness; his career stats reflect solid skills.

Goepfert recently joined Twitter (@GeffMan47), and he's been all you could want out of a hockey player on Twitter: funny, down to earth, chats with fans, and enjoys chirping with teammates and fellow hockey players. In other words: an athlete not afraid to show their personality on Twitter - or in interviews.

My thanks to Bobby Goepfert for taking some time today to sit down for an interview with me to discuss what's shaped him into the player he is today.

HockeyBroad: What got you interested in playing hockey?

Bobby Goepfert: My dad was the main reason I got into hockey. He followed the Islanders ever since they came into the league. He took me to my first game when I was 3 and I was hooked. I couldn't take my eyes off the goalies, so my dad bought me some street gear for the backyard and I never looked back. Things kind of took off from there, but I am still trying to make the adjustment from shoes to skates. It's harder on skates.

HB: What led you to become a goalie?

Goepfert: Well, at my first game (when I was 3) I just fell in love with it. I liked the equipment a lot and I guess I liked the attention the goalies got. Plus, I didn't start playing goal on the ice until I was 7. I skated out, and wasn't a real strong skater nor did I understand offsides. So I would just stay back and protect the goal. Then one of the coaches had extra goalie equipment and lent it to me. Offsides isn't a problem for me anymore.

HB: Favorite team growing up?

Goepfert: The New York Islanders. I was very passionate about them, and cried all night then skipped school the next day in '94 when the Rangers won the Cup. My classmates were mostly Ranger fans, and that day would have been torture. That is one story recollection I wished I left out when I was being interviewed by the New York Ranger staff during my draft year. Ooops.

HB: Favorite player(s) growing up?

Goepfert: I think every goalie from my era loved Patrick Roy, and so did I. But I loved watching Mike Richter (mostly when he represented USA, but even Ranger games, too. He was awesome). Stephane Fiset- best mask ever. And Glenn Healy- magical run in 1993.

HB: You've mentioned in previous interviews that Tim Thomas is your role model. How did that come to be; and are there any other goalies you particularly enjoy watching or model parts of your game upon?

Goepfert: I just love the way he plays. I guess I am similar in that respect, in the way he battles and isn't your prototypical technically sound guy in the net, but boy, does he compete. I also love how he persevered through the minors and Europe to reach the NHL. Nothing was given to him and he worked hard to get there. It's great to see a guy like that have the success he is having. He is an easy guy to root for, and somebody that I can relate to. I really look up to him.

HB: You've said before that due to your size (5'10") that you feel you play a little differently, not being the typical 6'2"+, really big, butterfly goalies that seems to be the norm these days. Is there anything you do training-wise (fitness, diet) to help your game? What do you focus on in practice/training to help your game?

Goepfert: Training-wise, I train mostly for explosiveness and working on my reaction time. I'm not sure, but I'd imagine most goalies train similarly. Us goalies don't need to bulk up to throw body checks, but we need to be fast and quick, so we work on our legs a lot with leg strength and plyometrics. In practice, I focus a lot on my rebound control and to maximize my net coverage. I'm not that big, but I try to play bigger than I am. I also try to not get hit in the head, which is tough for a little guy like me and the low stance I have.

HB: Is there a coach who has had a particularly strong impact on you, and why?

Goepfert: I have had a lot of great coaches throughout my career. I can't really single out one, but my goalie coach from when I was 12-15 was ex-Ranger goalie Gilles Villemure, and I learned a lot from him. I loved hearing his stories from when he played, and he really took me under his wing. I think I understood the position a lot better from him. I was at that age when I was still developing my style so he helped tone the "flash" down and become a little bit more conservative in my movements. He also made me appreciate the mask and equipment of my era a lot more.

HB: What has been a particularly memorable game for you?

Goepfert: I remember almost every game I've played in. One of the most memorable games have to be World Juniors, when we were in Halifax and played against Canada. That was a fun game to play in. We lost and it hurt a lot, but I received a nice ovation from the crowd when I got the player of the game award, and it meant a lot to me. Especially after the tough loss and it made me reflect on how far I had come from my backyard in Queens.

But last year's game I played wasn't at the magnitude of that, but has special meaning to me. My father passed away the summer before last year suddenly and it was devastating. I had a real hard time playing hockey. I was at Red Bull Salzburg at the time. Things didn't work out there and I ended up in Hamburg in the DEL. My father's birthday is on New Year's Eve. We had a game in the afternoon that day, and I didn't sleep at all the night prior. I had a hard time focusing, and was real emotional all day. Finally the game came, and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I was going to tell the coach that I had too tough a time getting focused and thought it would be best for the team if I didn't play. But I didn't, and went about the game as best I could. I ended up getting a shutout, and the great fans in Hamburg chanted my name. I'm an emotional guy and that moment really touched me, and I'll never forget it.

HB: How are the European league (DEL) different from pro leagues over here?

Goepfert: Well, considering over here I have played mostly in the ECHL, the DEL is a lot older and more like the AHL with the speed and physicality of the game (I only have 4 AHL games so take it for what its worth). The arenas are crazy and it's a lot of fun to play in. The cities are passionate about their teams, which make it even more fun to play, knowing you're representing your city and the rabid following of die-hard fans.

HB: Which NHL rink would you most enjoy the opportunity to get to play in (aside, of course, from your own NHL team)?

Goepfert: The Nassau Coliseum. Say what you will about the Coliseum, but I have a lot of great memories there and always imagined myself playing there when I was younger. It would be a dream come true.

HB: Favorite fan sign you've seen, whether for you or another player?

Goepfert: In college, there was a sign for a player that was ineligible to play the first semester due to academics, and the student section had a board that said, "(Player's Name) can't read my sign". For me, I don't remember any signs, but there have been some funny chants and random rude shouts that I remember fondly. Yes, I am talking specifically about Wisconsin, and in the USHL, Waterloo.

HB: You've become known with the Everblades fans for your "star of the game dance" - do you do it for any time you're a star, or just #1; and when/how did this tradition develop for you?

Goepfert: I try to be creative with stuff like that. It changes on how I feel at the time. It's not a set dance or anything. I just felt like dancing. I like to entertain people, but try not to get carried away with it. But I have a couple of dandies up my sleeve. I just have to play better to get a star, so I can show them off!

HB: Todd Miska did your current mask design. What's been the favorite design you've had on one of your helmets? Is there another goalie's mask design that you really love? When you make it to the NHL, what do you think you'd have on your mask?

Goepfert: I really liked this year's gator theme. Todd does great work, and we had some cool ones in college but there was a lot to work with with having an alligator as your logo. I also have a cool NY/World Trade Center-themed helmet I got made when I represented the USA at the Viking Cup. That helmet means a lot to me. But back in the day, I loved Brian Hayward's shark helmet, but my favorites of all time have to be Stephane Fiset's igloo, or the Beezer's Ranger one when he had bees flying around the NY skyline.

I like to design my masks according to the team, so my mask would vary if I were with an NHL team. I think masks should be team-oriented. You can customize your back plate, but the front should be more team recognition and less about what singers you like, in my opinion. Needless to say, my mask would be awesome.

* * *

The Florida Everblades play in Estero, Florida (Ft. Myers/Naples area). Visit their website at

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Chicago Blackhawks honored by President Obama; visit Walter Reed; play hockey with US Warriors

The Chicago Blackhawks have been in Washington, D.C. for a couple days ahead of their Sunday game versus the Capitals. On Thursday, they visited the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, bringing with them the Stanley Cup - marking the first time that hockey's famous trophy has been brought to the WRAMC. 

Blackhawks visit the Walter Reed Army Medical Center
(see also pictures on the Blackhawks site)

Friday, they met with President Obama to celebrate their championship. The President is a major sports fan, and an avid supporter of teams from his hometown of Chicago. He had a lot of good words for the team, including stating his hope that he could see them return to the White House next year.

On Saturday, the Blackhawks held practice at the Capitals practice facility, Kettler Capitals Iceplex, located in Arlington, VA, with special guests - members of the US Warriors ice hockey team. This hockey team consists of amputee soldiers who enjoy playing hockey.

The Blackhawks play the Capitals at 12:30pm ET on Sunday (don't forget that DST starts Saturday night!), viewable on NBC.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What price glory? What will it cost for the NHL to take a stand on head shots?

It took eleven years after Bill Masterton died from injuries sustained on the ice for the NHL to mandate helmets as required equipment for players.

It took a fan, Brittanie Cecil, dying from an errant puck into the stands that led to the mandatory nets that now grace every hockey rink to prevent that from happening again.

Will it take the another death of a player for the NHL to take a firm stand on blows to the head?

European hockey and Olympic hockey rules are very clear: no hits to the head. And the games are no less exciting, fun or enjoyable for the lack of it.

So why is it so difficult for the NHL to simply rule that any hit to the head is illegal, and the more severe the hit/resulting injuries, the more severe the punishment?

The players in the NHL are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. Although hockey gear has continued to evolve, it remains a high-risk sport, and perhaps now more than ever, steps need to be taken to protect the players.

The one-year anniversary of the Matt Cooke (Penguins)/Dennis Savard (Bruins) hit passed a few days ago, and to go along with it, the NHL could also mark the two-month anniversary since its star player, Sidney Crosby, was last seen on game ice.  

Cooke took Savard out with this hit:

Savard suffered a Grade 2 concussion. The on-ice officials didn't penalize Cooke for the hit, nor did the league choose to suspend or fine him for it, despite widespread support that it was a dirty hit. Savard eventually recovered enough to return to play during the second round of the Bruins playoff run last spring. He then resumed play this season, only to get checked into the end boards on January 22nd and suffer another concussion. After some consideration, it was decided that Savard would sit out the rest of the season.

In the spring of 2010, defenseman Kim Johnsson came to the Blackhawks in a late-season trade that exchanged him and a prospect named Nick Leddy from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for Cam Barker. He only played eight games in Chicago before suffering a concussion on March 13th which ended his season, and as far as anybody still knows, his career.

Late last season, following a spate of questionable hits but particularly the Cooke/Savard hit, the NHL created Rule 48, which levies a 5-minute major penalty and and automatic game misconduct for illegal checks to the head. The rule is defined as "a lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principle point of contact is not permitted."

League superstar Sidney Crosby, who is teammates with Matt Cooke, briefly touched on a need for rulings against blindside hits, stating, "At some point there's got to be a clear indication from the league because we've seen this so many times now. You don't like to see anyone, their own teammate or an opposing player, lay on the ice like that. That was scary."

The problem has been that there have been plenty of hits this season that included hits to the head, or hits which directly eneded with a player's head colliding with boards or glass, and resulting in a concussion - there were 33 and counting as of December 1st; how many more in the three months since? But the interpretation of Rule 48 has been left to the refs on the ice, and some of the hits in question have been borderline, still leaving plenty of room for players to continue to injure one another.

Crosby himself took a hit to the head from David Steckel in the Winter Classic against the Washington Capitals on January 1st, then another hit from Victor Hedman in the January 5th game against Tampa Bay. Debate continues to wage over which game he sustained his concussion in, or whether it was a culmination of both hits.

The irony here is that if perhaps Crosby had used his position in the NHL spotlight to speak up much more strongly after his own teammate had ended another player's season, and led a demand for players health to be more strongly protected, Rule 48 might have not only been against "illegal checks to the head", but instead all head shots - thus putting the NHL on the same level as Olympic and European rules to protect their players. Maybe it could have saved Crosby from taking not just one but two hits to the head, which so far seem to have removed him from the rest of the 2010-11 season, and potentially longer than that.

The thing is that in pro sports, no player is ever going to really strongly speak out against their own teammates - at least, not for anything short of something that sends a player to jail. Crosby (nor any player) would not stand up and say, "Boy, Cooke really laid a dirty one on Savard, and I hope the team and the league both throw the book at him on that one." 

It's part of the hockey "code". You just don't do it. Hockey players police themselves on the ice as much as the refs allow, and sometimes that means somebody gets hurt.

On February 11th, after a bench-clearing, Slapshot-resembling NYI-vs-PIT game, Penguins owner Mario Lemieux stated, “The NHL had a chance to send a clear and strong message that those kinds of actions are unacceptable and embarrassing to the sport. It failed. ... We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players. We must make it clear that those kinds of actions will not be tolerated and will be met with meaningful disciplinary action."

That same night, Blackhawk Fernando Pisani was checked into the boards by Dallas Star Mark Fistric, his head barely missing the corner of the glass and instead bouncing off the top of the boards in front of the home box . While Fistric was given interference and roughing penalties, Pisani had a concussion and missed three weeks' worth of games.

The Pisani/Fistric hit: 

Apparently, fines, suspensions, tough words, and slaps on the wrist aren't getting it done as a message to the players. This week, Boston Bruin Zdeno Chara slammed Montreal Canadien Max Pacioretty into the glass, resulting in a grade 3 concussion and a broken neck.

Video of the Chara hit:

The call on the ice to Chara was a major penalty and a game misconduct; the hit went to review, and no further punishment was given to Chara, leading to ongoing fiery debates across the league and fan base.

In last night's Lightning-Blackhawks matchup, Tampa Bay defenseman Pavel Kubina delivered an elbow to the head of Chicago's Dave Bolland on open ice at the beginning of the first period. Bolland suffered a concussion and is expected to miss a few games. No penalty was called on the ice, but after a review today, Kubina will have a three game suspension, which includes forfeiting over $60,000 in salary, for the hit.

The NHL Wheel of Justice continues to spin, spitting out uneven penalties for perpetrators, whether it is penalties on the ice or suspensions off of it. How much has to do with the star power of the players involved? Why does the league hesitate to levy strong enough punishment against its biggest names or when the top-liners are injured, but punishment for the third- and fourth-liners is resolved quickly?

This year, the league will spend more than $1.625 billion on player salaries. At what point, at what cost, will the NHL decide that protecting its players - its investments - is worth a simple rule that says "All shots to the head are illegal"?

In a landmark move, Air Canada - one of the NHL's largest sponsors - has threatened to withdraw its sponsorship if the league doesn't take "immediate" and "serious" action on headshots, the Toronto Sun reports. Money talks, and in a league that lives and breathes every day for every ticket sold, every jersey bought, in order to determine salaries, this is a very bold move indeed. Whether or not Air Canada will carry through is another story, but it will certainly weigh very heavily on the minds of the NHL GMs who meet next week in Florida to discuss headshots. That Air Canada did so is very bold indeed; if any other major sponsors stepped forward, it would add further weight to the discussions.

When will the players themselves stand up and demand to be better protected? Is the glory and joy of playing in the NHL worth the inherent risk of losing your health and potentially, life?

Recently, Boston Bruin member Andrew Ference broke the code when he was asked about teammate Dan Paille's destruction of Dallas Star Raymond Sawada, stating, "It's a bad hit, right? That's what they're trying to get rid of. You can't be hypocritical about it when it happens to you, then say it's fine when your teammate does it. It's a hit they're trying to get rid of."

Concussions are no joke. They can end seasons, careers, lives. It's boggling that something that seems like a simple way to decrease medical cost, game-hours-lost, and less risk to not just star but all players would be for automatic penalties for all head shots, "intentional" or not.

European and Olympic hockey have shown us that top-end hockey can be free of hits to the head and still remain an exciting product. Rule 48 needs to be upgraded to include all hits to the head, and punishment needs to be dolled out on equal footing to all players, on an increasing scale for repeat offenders.

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Professional hockey players on Twitter

lists last updated 9/29/11

No surprise: social media is popular. Twitter has been booming with new players lately. This brings the NHL total up to (at least) 140 active NHL player accounts -- that makes up approximately 20% of the league.

UPDATE: As of July 25, 2011, all 30 teams are now represented by at least one NHL-level player on Twitter!

In addition to the NHL players, there is also good representation from AHL, ECHL and various other pro/semi-pro level players. (NHL player accounts are cross-checked, pardon the pun, against the @NHLPA player list and the official team Twitter accounts.) If I missed any, please feel free to let me know in the comments or via tweet (@HockeyBroad) and I'll update the list!

You will also find/follow all these players, plus hockey players' agents, on my Twitter lists:
- NHL pro hockey players (includes retired NHLers)
- Pro hockey players - other leagues (ECHL, AHL, Euro, etc)

For a quick list of some of the top hockey-related accounts I'd recommend, take a look at my list: Top 50 Hockey Twitter Accounts.




Listed alphabetically by team
Active NHL roster players are listed alphabetically above prospect players


@Matt_BeleskeyMatt Beleskey#39
@camfowler4Cam Fowler#4
@AndrewGordon10Andrew Gordon#
@Stache16George Parros#16
@b_ryan9Bobby Ryan#9
@Teemu8Teemu Selänne#8 "A"
@tweetem_upEmerson EtemMedicine Hat TigersWHL
@Friberg12Max FribergTimrå IKSEL
@6Schultz6Justin SchultzUniversity of Wisconsincollege


@P_Bergeron37Patrice Bergeron#37
@SteveKampfer47Steve Kampfer#47
@tylerseguin92Tyler Seguin#92
@ColbyCohen36Colby Cohen#36
@buttsy78Ryan Buttonprospect
@c_camps11Carter CamperProvidence BruinsAHL
@ColbyCohen36Colby CohenProvidence BruinsAHL
@dhamilton27Dougie HamiltonNiagra IceDogsOHL
@Jknight97Jared KnightLondon KnightsOHL
@Ztrotman4Zach TrotmanLake Superior State Universitycollege


@NathanGerbe42Nathan Gerbe#42
@Grags17Marc-Andre Gragnani#17
@Roy9nerDerek Roy#9
@LukeJAdamLuke AdamRochester AmericansAHL
@DanCatenacciDan CatenacciOwen Sound AttackOHL
@CoreyFienhageCorey FienhageKamloops BlazersWHL
@marcusfolignoMarcus FolignoSudbury WolvesOHL
@knapper311Connor KnappUniversity of Miamicollege
@mpysyk03Mark PysykEdmonton Oil KingsWHL
@ships92Steven ShipleyNiagara Ice DogsOHL
@Sutchy24Gregg SutchBarrie ColtsOHL
@Szydlowski19Shawn SzydlowskiPortland PiratesAHL
@TravisTurnbull9Travis TurnbullRochester AmericansAHL


@mbacklund11Mikael Backlund#11
@ollijokinen13Olli Jokinen#13
@7bmoBrendan Morrison#8
@djmoss25Dave Moss#25
@SevyC20CJ SeverynprospectTBD


@TroyBodieTroy Bodie#20
@Brenter37Tim Brent#37
@pattydwyer39Patrick Dwyer#39
@jbain4Jamie McBain#4
@JustinSoryal47Justin Soryal#35
@Astew22Anthony Stewart#13
@f_andersen30Frederik AndersenFrolunda IndiansSEL
@ZachBoychukZach BoychukCharlotte CheckersAHL
@ZacDalpe22Zac DalpeCharlotte CheckersAHL
@Klowe4Keegan LoweEdmonton Oil KingsWHL
@MikeMcKenzie11Mike McKenzieCharlotte CheckersAHL
@MichaelMurphy31Michael MurphyCharlotte CheckersAHL
@ryanmurphy24Ryan MurphyprospectTBD
@matt_pistilliMatt PistilliprospectTBD
@VictorRaskVictor RaskLeksands IFHockeyAllsvenskan
@sangs2224Bobby SanguinettiCharlotte CheckersAHL
@Sutts19Brody SutterLethbridge HurricanesWHL


@CarBombBoom13Daniel Carcillo#13
@88PKanePatrick Kane#88
@DuncanKeith*Duncan Keith#2 "A"
@samilepistoSami Lepisto#20
@jamalmayersJamal Mayers#22
@SteveMontadorSteve Montador#5
@VStalbergViktor Stalberg#25
@mactruthcarruthMac CarruthPortland WinterhawksWHL
@Clenny5Adam ClendeningBoston Universitycollege
@didomenico61Chris DiDomenicoRockford IceHogsAHL
@67GilDavid GilbertRockford IceHogsAHL
@GleasonJ020Joe GleasonUND Fighting Siouxcollege
@Jimmy10HayesJimmy HayesRockford IceHogsAHL
@KevinPHayes12Kevin HayesBoston Collegecollege
@CarterHuttonCarter HuttonRockford IceHogsAHL
@stjohns28Stephen JohnsUniversity of Notre Damecollege
@JoeyMattssonJohan MattssonprospectTBD
@McNeill9Mark McNeillPrince Albert RaidersWHL
@yiorrenJoakim NordströmAIKSEL
@mikepaliotta93Mike PaliottaUniversity of Vermontcollege
@Paradis63Phillippe ParadisRockford IceHogsAHL
@matt_petgrave92Matt PetgraveOwen Sound AttackOHL
@ARichyRichAlec RichardsRockford IceHogsAHL
@brandon_segalBrandon SegalRockford IceHogsAHL
@shawz15erAndrew ShawRockford IceHogsAHL
@simps32Kent SimpsonEverett SilvertipsWHL
@benny_youdsBen YoudsRockford IceHogsAHL
@P_Zetter9Paul ZanetteRockford IceHogsAHL

* Duncan Keith's account is run by his website management group.


@Matt9DucheneMatt Duchene#9
@TJGaliardiT.J. Galiardi#39
@erikjohnson6Erik Johnson#6
@joalindsJoakim Lindström#28
@ShaneOBrien55Shane O'Brien#
@ryanobyrne84Ryan O'Byrne#3
@kporter12Kevin Porter#12
@Danwinnik34Dan Winnik#34
@tbizz4Tyson BarrieprospectTBD
@jhish18Joey HishonOwen Sound AttackOHL
@cpickard1Calvin PickardLake Erie MonstersAHL
@Siemer5Duncan SiemensSaskatoon BladesWHL


@dbrassard16Derick Brassard#16
@mattcalvert11Matt Calvert#11
@dexshowMark Dekanich#31 G
@Twigy15Derek Dorsett#15
@TFrisch39Trevor Frischmon#39
@1MaseySteve Mason#1 G
@CurtisSanfordCurtis Sanford#30 G
@Umby18RJ Umberger#18 "A"
@jameswisniewski James Wisniewski#21
@Archibald9210Brandon ArchibaldprospectTBD
@CamAtkinson13Cam AtkinsonSpringfield FalconsAHL
@aabogo32Aaron BogosianprospectTBD
@Drazzy1010Nick DrazenovicSpringfield FalconsAHL
@RyanJohansen19Ryan JohansenPortland WinterhawksWHL
@Aaronljohnson83Aaron JohnsonSpringfield Falcons ?AHL
@kneubs24Kyle NeuberSpringfield FalconsAHL


@krysbarchKrys Barch#13
@Luko37Brad Lukowich#37
@BrianSutherbyBrian Sutherby#20
@alexguptillAlex GuptillUniversity of Michigancollege


@commie22Mike Commodore#22
@Jurky13Tomas JurcoSt. John Sea DogsQMJHL
@Tparkes19Trevor ParkesMontreal JuniorsQMJHL
@Quiner26Alan QuineprospectTBD
@rsheahan4Riley SheahanUniversity of Notre Damecollege
@bssmith7Brendan SmithGrand Rapids GriffinsAHL
@Sproully93Ryan SproulSoo GreyhoundsOHL


@tchorney41Taylor Chorney#41
@greendogg12Josh Green#
@hallsy04Taylor Hall#4
@jonesry28Ryan Jones#28
@RealLinusOmarkLinus Omark#23
@PECKS24Theo Peckham#24
@ryanwhitney6Ryan Whitney#6 "A"
@sporkabellaMark ArcobelloOK City Barons ? TBD
@blainer5Jérémie BlainprospectTBD
@tylerbunzTyler BunzprospectTBD
@T_EwanykTravis EwanykEdmonton Oil KingsWHL
@PetryJJeff PetryOK City BaronsAHL
@Simmer18Dillon SimpsonUND Fighting Siouxcollege


@Duco87Mike Duco#6
@TFast23TJ Fast#49
@JasonGarrison52Jason Garrison#52
@JackSkilleJack Skille#12
@S_TimminsScott Timmins#75
@ScottieUpshallScottie Upshall#19
@ConnorBrickleyConnor BrickleyUVMcollege
@adam_ronaldAdam ComrieprospectTBD
@EspoA22Angelo EspositoSan Antonio RampageAHL
@RGrimaldi23Rocco GrimaldiUND Fighting Siouxcollege
@Jhauswirth12Jake HauswirthCincinnati CyclonesECHL
@JonnyHuby11Jonathan HuberdeauprospectTBD
@j_markstromJacob MarkstromRochester AmericansAHL
@drew_shore15Drew ShoreUniversity of Denvercollege
@wilhammer17Garrett WilsonOwen Sound AttackOHL


@DustinBrown23Dustin Brown#23 "C"
@CoreyElkinsCorey Elkins#47
@JonathanQuick32Jonathan Quick#32 G
@MRichie18Mike Richards#10
@KWesty19Kevin Westgarth#10
@nedlukaNed LukacevicLas Vegas WranglersECHL


@juicerfalkJustin Falk#41
@enystrom23Eric Nystrom#23
@Dsetoguchi10Devin Setoguchi#10
@chaygenowayCharles 'Chay' Genoway#TBD
@kassassinationMatt KassianHouston AerosAHL
@dkuemps35Darcy KuemperRed Deer RebelsWHL
@DaveJMcIntyreDavid McIntyre#TBD
@kylemedvecKyle Medvec#TBD
@zackphillips7Zack PhillipsSt. John Sea DogsQMJHL


@MCammalleri13Michael Cammalleri#13
@matdarche52Mathieu Darche#52
@Giostyle21Brian Gionta#21 "C"
@MaxPacioretty67Max Pacioretty#67
@PKSubban1PK Subban#76
@yanweber68Yannick Weber#68
@n8THEggr8Nathan BeaulieuSt John Sea DogsCHL
@RobertMayer29Robert MayerHamilton BulldogsAHL


@JonBlum7Jon Blum#7
@MikeFisher1212Mike Fisher#12
@BlakeGeoffrionBlake Geoffrion#5
@Jtootoo22Jordin Tootoo#22
@ColinW33Colin Wilson#33
@taybeckone9Taylor BeckMilwaukee AdmiralsAHL
@rjosi90Roman JosiMilwaukee AdmiralsAHL
@Latta17Michael LattaMilwaukee Admirals ?AHL
@SamsonMahbodSamson MahbodCincinnati CyclonesECHL
@GarrettNoonan13Garrett NoonanBoston Universitycollege
@CPickard37Chet PickardMilwaukee AdmiralsAHL
@JeremySmith30Jeremy SmithCincinnati CyclonesECHL


@peliasPatrik Elias#26 "A"
@CamJanssen55Cam Janssen#25


@Thedibster09Justin Dibenedetto#
@grabs40Michael Grabner#40
@MmoulsonMatt Moulson#26
@KyleOkposoKyle Okposo#21 "A"
@KevinPoulin60Kevin Poulin#60
@SBacks16Sean BackmanBridgeport Sound TigersAHL
@MattDonovan46Matt DonovanBridgeport Sound TigersAHL
@scottmayfield2Scott MayfieldUniversity of Denvercollege
@hawksnids22Nino NiederreiterPortland WinterhawksWHL
@itsrhettRhett RakhshaniBridgeport Sound TigersAHL
@strome18Ryan StromeNiagra IceDogsOHL
@Theoret23Mitchell TheoretNiagra IceDogsOHL
@Thomer15Ben ThomsonKitchener RangersOHL


@imseanaverySean Avery#16
@martybiron43Martin Biron#42
@MichaelDelZottoMichael Del Zotto#4
@MGaborik10Marian Gaborik#10
@henriklundqvistHenrik Lundqvist#30 G
@RMcDonagh27Ryan McDonagh#27
@BrandonPrust8Brandon Prust#8
@Brichards_1991Brad Richards#19
@Rupper17Mike Rupp#71
@DerekStepan21Derek Stepan#21
@deeds2424Devin DidiometeConnecticut WhaleAHL
@CarlHagelinCarl HagelinConnecticut WhaleAHL
@ChrisKreiderChris KreiderBoston Collegecollege
@72seriesJordan ParisePTOTBD
@stixy18Michael St. CroixEdmonton Oil Kings ?CHL
@cpt27Christian ThomasOshawa GeneralsWHL
@AndyogsAndrew YoganConnecticut WhaleAHL


@MikeMcKenna56Mike McKenna# G
@Chris_WidemanChris WidemanMiami Universitycollege


@bryzgoalie30Ilya Bryzgalov#30
@mattcarle25Matt Carle#25
@dooda1414Ian Laperriere#14
@TomSestito23Tom Sestito#23
@shelleyhawk45Jody Shelley#45
@Max25talbotMax Talbot#27
@MikeTestwuideMike Testwuide#39
@JVReemer21James van Riemsdyk#21
@RicBlidstrandRicard BlidstrandprospectTBD
@Cous27Nick CousinsprospectTBD
@derekmathersDerek MathersLondon KnightsOHL


@BizNasty2point0Paul Bissonnette#12
@hockeyolliOliver Ekman-Larsson#23
@mackattack_39Brett MacLean#8
@Andy_MieleAndy Miele#21
@pdigglerJustin Pogge#35
@chri5ummersChris Summers#5
@kyleturrisKyle Turris#91
@ChevdawgyMarc CheveriePortland Pirates ?AHL ?


@marcandrefleuryMarc-André Fleury#29 G
@tk1448Tyler Kennedy#48
@Smacker33Steve MacIntyre#33
@jneal_18James Neal#18
@Sullivan26Steve Sullivan#
@ETangradiEric Tangradi#26
@DAGwood6Nick D'AgostinoprospectTBD


@Burnzie88Brent Burns#88
@danboyle22Dan Boyle#22 "A"
@ryanclowe29Ryane Clowe#29
@LogancoutureLogan Couture#39
@martinhavlatMartin Havlat#9
@JamieMcGinn64Jamie McGinn#64
@Frazermclaren68Frazer Mclaren#68
@Jim_VandermeerJim Vandermeer#2
@blackalatseSena AcolatseprospectTBD
@dandasilva23Dan DaSilvaWorcester SharksAHL
@JamesLivyJames LivingstonWorcester SharksAHL
@jmarcou19James MarcouWorcester SharksAHL
@matt_nietoMatt NietoBoston Universitycollege
@OHanleyB23Brian O'HanleyPortland PiratesAHL
@SeanSullivan37Sean SullivanWorcester SharksAHL
@Tommy_WingelsTommy WingelsWorcester SharksAHL


@Benbishop30Ben Bishop#30 G
@ICole28Ian Cole#28
@OSH74TJ Oshie#74
@DP_57David Perron#57
@shattdeucesKevin Shattenkirk#22
@Steener20Alexander Steen#20 "A"
@bsterlsBrett Sterling#
@CstewSTL25Chris Stewart#25
@DannySyvretDanny Syvret#
@smacaulay9Stephen MacAulaySt. John Sea DogsQMJHL


@bergeron47Marc-Andre Bergeron#47
@bruno_gervais8Bruno Gervais#8
@heds77Victor Hedman#77
@VLecavalier4Vincent Lecavalier#4 "C"
@alexpicard09Alex Picard#43
@ryanshannon22Ryan Shannon#
@RealStamkos91Steven Stamkos#91
@NateThompson44Nate Thompson#44
@bconnolly8Brett ConnollyPrince George CougarsWHL
@gotovetschool24Kirill GotovetsCornell Universitycollege
@Akillorn19Alex KillornHarvard
@Vladdy18Vlad NamestnikovLondon KnightsOHL
@schemshow_26Geoffrey SchemitschOwen Sound AttackOHL
@L28witkoLuke WitkowskiWestern Michigan Universitycollege


@armdogColby Armstrong#9 "A"
@dboyce47Darryl Boyce#47
@Bozie42Tyler Bozak#42
@Lputi17Luca Caputi#33
@carl_gunCarl Gunnarsson#36
@chanson20Christian Hanson#20
@43_KadriNazem Kadri#43
@MattLashoffMatt Lashoff#29
@hoosierjm26John-Michael Liles#24
@JLupulJoffrey Lupul#19
@scrivens_30Ben Scrivens#30 G
@Tyler_BiggsTylerAustin BiggsprospectCCHA
@brolldozer1993David BrollprospectTBD
@Jgardiner272Jake GardinerToronto MarliesAHL
@dmitchell71Dale MitchellToronto MarliesAHL
@StuPercy5Stuart PercyMississauga St. Michael's Majorscollege
@scrivens_30Ben ScrivensToronto MarliesAHL
@GSparks40Garrett SparksGSparks40OHL


@aebbettAndrew Ebbett#26
@ChrisHiggins10Chris Higgins#20
@Ryan_KeslerRyan Kesler#17 "A"
@Lappy14Maxim Lapierre#40
@OwenNolan11Owen Nolan#
@K_NautsKevin ConnautonprospectTBD
@billysweattBill SweattChicago WolvesAHL


@karlalznerKarl Alzner#27
@JohnCarlson74John Carlson#74
@johnerskine04John Erskine#4
@GreenLife52Mike Green#52
@DJKING_17DJ King#17
@ovi8AlexOvechkin#8 "C"
@Galixon_97Stanislav GalievSt. John Sea DogsQMJHL
@GrahamMink21Graham MinkHershey BearsAHL
@kashh85Nikita KashirskyHershey Bears ?AHL


@EricFehrEric Fehr#17
@TGlass15Tanner Glass#15
@EKane9JETSEvander Kane#9
@aladd16Andrew Ladd#16 "C"
@benmaxwell61Ben Maxwell#49
@ZachRedmond24Zach Redmond#13
@stuchens5Mark Stuart#5
@BiggieFunkeBlake Wheeler#26
@JGregs17Jason GregoireSt. John IceCapsAHL
@therealturks10Michael KirkpatrickSt. John IceCapsAHL


@bradwinchesterBrad WinchesterUFATBD
@BWitt32Brendan WittUFATBD
@Mike_ComrieMike ComrieUFATBD



Non-NHL-contract AHL, ECHL, Olympians, etc. Listed alphabetically by league, then team, then player. 

@MikeGDaviesMike DaviesChicago WolvesAHL
@JPTestwuideJon Paul TestwuideChicago WolvesAHL
@Eves_EDan EvesCincinnati CyclonesAHL
@MattFornataroMatt FornataroNorfolk AdmiralsAHL
@flashgordo13Ben GordonRochester AmericansAHL

@Meech00Mitch McColmAllen AmericansCHL
@yellow1571Colton Yellow HornAllen AmericansCHL
@mriles4Morgan RiellyMoose Jaw Warriors ?CHL

@cbo28Casey BorerHC PardubiceCzech Extraliga
@CoreyElkinsCorey ElkinsHC PardubiceCzech Extraliga
@Alex23FosterAlex FosterHC Sparta PrahaCzech Extraliga

@rilesarmyRiley ArmstrongAugsburger PantherDEL
@WeimsyTyler WeimanAugsburger PantherDEL
@GeffMan47Bobby GoepfertDEG Metro StarsDEL
@Ulms44Jeff UlmerDEG Metro StarsDEL
@toddsimpson27Todd SimpsonHannover ScorpionsDEL

@HP4K_JamieJamie CoghlanCincinnati CyclonesECHL
@HP4K_DustinDustin SproatCincinnati Cyclones ?ECHL
@demike3316Jared DeMichielElmira JackalsECHL
@ScottWietecha3Scott WietechaElmira JackalsECHL
@TheFishFeederDavid FischerFlorida Everblades ?ECHL
@J_TollesJoe TollesFlorida Everblades ?ECHL
@chrisclackson17Chris ClacksonGreenville Road WarriorsECHL
@ONEILLWESWes O'NeillKalamazoo WingsECHL
@ThomasKiriakouThomas KiriakouLas Vegas WranglersECHL

@Garside7Mark GarsideBelfast GiantsEIHL
@Adam27KeefeAdam KeefeBelfast GiantsEIHL
@JeffMase3Jeff MasonBelfast GiantsEIHL
@peaks71Craig PeacockBelfast GiantsEIHL
@jonpelleJon PelleBelfast GiantsEIHL
@Jkonks71Jarrett KonkleDundee StarsEIHL
@chriswhitley83Chris WhitleyDundee StarsEIHL
@Finner16Ryan FinnertySheffield SteelersEIHL

@JeremyM21ATLJeremy MatthewsAtlanta KnightsEJHL

@StaNasty1point0Josh StancliftFlorida Jr. EverbladesFHL
@JayDubayouJimmy WilliamsFlorida Jr. EverbladesFHL

@JamieLundmarkJamie LundmarkDinamo RigaKHL
@TampereenPoikaVille NieminenHC Neftekhimik NizhnekamskKHL
@OskarOsalaOskar OsalaHC Neftekhimik NizhnekamskKHL
@BrentSopelBrent SopelMetallurg NovokuznetskKHL
@RADUL22Alexander RadulovSalavat Yulaev UfaKHL

@D_AltshullerDaniel AltshullerBelleville BullsOHL

@BrendanGaunce16Brendan GaunceBelleville BullsOHL
@MalcolmSubbanMalcolm SubbanBelleville BullsOHL
@bgoodrow23Barclay GoodrowBrampton BattalionOHL
@DennisSaikkonenDennis SaikkonenBrampton BattalionOHL
@teach_lights31Tyson TeichmannErie OttersOHL
@mm_91Matia MarcantuoniKitchener RangersOHL
@AndreasA86Andreas AthanasiouLondon KnightsOHL
@aggz09Andrew AgozzinoNiagra IceDogsOHL
@j_andrews19Johnson AndrewsNiagra IceDogsOHL
@jarrod_maidsJarrod MaidensOwen Sound AttackOHL
@derekmathersDerek MathersPeterborough PetesOHL
@d4honeybakedBrad WalchSaginaw SpiritOHL
@AGally94Alex GalchenyukSarnia StingOHL
@KrychsKerby RychelWindsor SpitfiresOHL

@ralphybussRaphael BussieresBaie-Comeau DrakkarQMJHL
@Durepos23Pierre DureposSt John Sea DogsQMJHL
@elcreido18Danick GauthierSt. John Sea DogsQMJHL
@aidan22kellyAidan KellySt. John Sea DogsQMJHL

@RobSchrempRob SchrempModo HockeySEL

@jarkkoruutuJarkko RuutuHelsinki JokeritSM-liiga
@NikoHovinen32Niko HovinenLahti PelicansSM-liiga
@lascher19Ryan LaschLahti PelicansSM-Liiga
@RabZ_07Garrett RaboinTurun Palloseura (TPD)SM-Liiga

@MattiasEnrothMattias EnrothAsplöven HCSWE div 1

@AngelaJames8Angela JamesTeam CanadaTeam Canada
@couellette13Caroline OuelletteTeam CanadaTeam Canada
@wick_22Hayley WickenheiserTeam CanadaTeam Canada
@Tessab25Tessa BonhommeTeam CanadaTeam Canada

@zemgus94Zemgus GirgensonsDubuque Fighting SaintsUSHL

@backhandsauce07Stephane LegaultEdmonton Oil KingsWHL
@andydezAndy DesautelsEverett SilvertipsWHL
@RandRandBoBandyCampbell ElynuikEverett SilvertipsWHL
@RandRandBoBandyCampbell ElynuikEverett SilvertipsWHL
@Fowls11Cody FowlieEverett SilvertipsWHL
@emordsEvan MordenEverett SilvertipsWHL
@danamurzRyan MurrayEverett SilvertipsWHL
@BigBadYadsBrennan YadlowskiEverett SilvertipsWHL
@totter19Philip TotLethbridge HurricanesWHL
@wilson_oh9Klarc WilsonMoose Jaw WarriorsWHL
@dpouliot51Derrick PouliotPortland WinterhawksWHL
@Dsiwak14Daulton SiwakRed Deer RebelsWHL
@Suttsy23Lukas SutterSaskatoon BladesWHL

@Soupy30Scott Campbell
free agent
@StevieMoses22Steve MosesUNHcollege/2012 prospect
@reider9Adam ReidNortheastern Universitycollege/2012 prospect
@JPSdouble07Jordan SchmaltzUND Fighting Siouxcollege/2012 prospect


These players may still be active in the NHL in another capacity (broadcaster, coach, etc.) Those players online who do not still work in hockey are notated with "---".
@Andy2525Dave AndreychukTampa Bay Lightning - Vice President in charge of fans
@LucianoBorsatoLuciano Borsato---
@Bossy5050Mike BossyNYI - sponsor and fan development
@valbureVal Bure---
@EnricoCicconeEnrico CicconeAgent
@wendelclark17Wendel ClarkToronto Maple Leafs Ambassador
@ShaneConnellyShane ConnellyDirector of Hockey Operation for Bowling Green State U Hockey
@rileecoyoteRiley CoteAdirondack Phantoms asst coach
@JimCraigUSAJim CraigMotivational speaker, spokesperson, marketing and sales strategist
@MarcDenis30Marc DenisRDS analyst
@dingdishChris DingmanSun Sports Network - TBL
@thereal_tiedomiTie Domi---
@gdwyer32Gordie DwyerHead coach of the P.E.I. Rocket of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL)
@dallaseakinsDallas EakinsHead coach of the Toronto Marlies
@CFerraro1513Chris FerraroHockey coach for youth
@PFerraro42Peter FerraroSyosset Iceworks hockey camp
@RoryFitz4Rory Fitzpatrick---
@TheoFleury14Theo FleuryMotivational speaker
@DG_RDS21Denis GauthierRDS
@ClarkGilliesClark Gillies---
@GMMikeGillisMike GillisGM - Vancouver Canucks
@mikehartman18Mike Hartman---
@BretHedicanBret HedicanCSN California hockey analyst
@CoreyHirschCorey HirschSTL Blues goalie coach
@mike_p_johnsonMike JohnsonNHL analyst
@jonesy_20Keith JonesCSN PHL - Flyers color commentator & analyst
@OlieKolzig37Olie KolzigWSH associate goalie coach
@GeorgesLaraqueGeorges LaraqueHost for CFRN & deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada
@brianlawton9Brian LawtonAgent
@trevor_lindenTrevor Linden---
@maydayhockeyBrad MayCBC American Hockey League analyst
@McAlpine39Chris McAlpine---
@D_Mac25Darren McCartyColor analyst for Versus
@jamiemclennan29Jamie McLennanCGY Flames asst coach
@mikemoffat4Mike Moffat---
@KnucklesNilan30Chris Nilan---
@odognine2Jeff O'Neill---
@ChrisOsgood30Chris OsgoodDET Red Wings goalie coach
@BernieparentBernie ParentFlyers Ambassador of Hockey
@jimpeplinski24Jim PeplinskiVP Business Development, CGY Flames Hockey Club
@pranheimPaul Ranheim---
@Jeremy_RoenickJeremy RoenickNBC hockey analyst
@DomRousselDominic RousselGoalie coach - Succès hockey Dominic Roussel
@denissavard18Denis Savard CHI Blackhawks Ambassador
@DaveScatchardDave Scatchard---
@shieldsy31Steve Shields---
@DougSullimanDoug SullimanPHX Coyotes assistant coach
@syd55Darryl SydorMN Wild assistant coach
@bryantrottierBryan TrottierNYI Executive Director of Player Development
@gvalksportsnetGarry ValkSportsnet Connected VAN analyst
@aaronward_nhlAaron WardBig Ten Network hockey analyst
@walz3737Wes Walz---
@SteveWebb20Steve Webb---
@KevinWeekesKevin WeekesHNIC color commentator / NHL On The Fly studio analyst

@FiveNineGroupFiveNine GroupAgent/rep
@Paul_Griffin_NLPaul GriffinAgent
@Jay_GrossmanJay GrossmanAgent/lawyer
@benhankinsonBen HankinsonAgent
@MAXX_TalentMAXX TalentAgent
@NortonSportsScott NortonAgent
@RayPetkauRay PetkauAgent
@aschall21Alec SchallAgent
@walshaAllan WalshAgent
@darrylwolskiDarryl WolskiAgent
@agentwrightTobin J WrightAgent