Sunday, January 30, 2011

Final tally for the Bloggers ASG competition

Tonight's All-Star Game was a blast to watch. Overall, I would give the NHL high points for the team draft set-up, the skills competition, and the game itself. Loved the opening sequence which not only highlighted the time-honored hockey tradition of sticks on the ice, but brought back retired Hurricanes Captain Rod Brind'Amour and Whaler/Hurricane Captain Ron Francis - a nod both to the Hurricanes' history and success in Carolina, but also to the club's history as the Whalers in the NHL.

I will, however, take a pass on the NHL Guardians project, but I also understand it's not exactly aimed at my demographic (even if I am both a comic fan and a hockey fan).

DGS ran our team rosters through NHL11 simulations: first with our original rosters as picked; then with our replacement players. In an interesting turn of events, we both went 1-0-1, with both games being scored 2-1 in OT (original rosters ended in shootout; replacements ended in OT). So we started out the actual ASG weekend at 1-1.

Our results  after the Super Skills competition last night was HockeyBroad 65, Down Goes Spezza 56.

Our scoring tally for the ASG:

+1 for SOG
+2 for assist
+3 for goal
+1 for goalie save
+5 for MVP
+5 for winning coach pair

Added +3 for Mr. Irrelevant; and +5 for setting new records/events at ASG, and -1 for each penalty minute.

Players scoring points are highlighted in colors corresponding to their actual team colors.

TEAM HOCKEYBROAD (a.k.a. "Team Toews") - Blue jerseys

Coaches: Quenneville/Haviland

Jonathan Toews (+2 from skills) +3 for goals, +4 for assists, +3 for SOGs (+10)
Steven Stamkos (+4 from skills) +3 for goals, +2 for SOGs (+5)
Nicklas Lidstrom (+3 from skills) +2 for assists (+2)

Alex Ovechkin (+3 from skills) +3 for goals, +2 for assists, +2 for SOGs, +5 for causing first-ever ASG penalty shot, -2 for penalty minutes (+10)
Corey Perry (+3 from skills) +4 for assists (+4)
Daniel Sedin (+3 from skills) +2 for assists, +2 for SOGs (+4)
Martin St Louis (+3 from skills) +3 for goals, +2 for assists, +4 for SOGs (+9)
Patrick Sharp (+1 from skills) +5 for being ASG MVP, +3 for goals, +4 for assists, +5 for SOGs (+17)
Eric Staal (+3 from skills) +6 for goals, +8 SOGs (+14)
Patrick Kane (+4 from skills) +2 for assists, +4 for SOGs (+6)
Loui Eriksson (+2 from skills) +6 for goals, +4 for assists, +5 for SOGs (+15)
Matt Duchene (+2 from skills) +3 for goals, +3 for SOGs (+6)
Patrik Elias +3 for goals, +2 for assists, +1 for SOGs (+6)
Keith Yandle (+1 from skills) +3 for SOGs (+3)
Kris Letang (+1 from skills) +6 for goals, +3 for SOGs (+9)
Marc Staal +1 for SOGs (+1)
Erik Karlsson (+1 from skills) +1 for SOGs (+1)
Dan Boyle +2 for assists, +3 for SOGs (+5)

Logan Couture (+2 from skills)
Kevin Shattenkirk (+2 from skills)
Taylor Hall (+2 from skills)
Derek Stepan
Tyler Seguin (+1 from skills)
Cam Fowler

Marc-Andre Fleury (+9 from skills) +10 for saves (+10)
Carey Price (+8 from skills) +13 for saves (+13)
Tim Thomas (+5 from skills) +11 for saves (+11)

65 points from the Super Skills competition + 161 points from the All-Star Game = 226 points

* * *

TEAM DOWN GOES SPEZZA (a.k.a. "Team Kesler" from skills) - White/red jerseys

Coaches: Vigneault/Laviolette +5 for winning coach team

Ryan Kesler (+2 from skills) +4 for SOGs (+4)
Dustin Byfuglien (+3 from skills) +3 for goals, +1 for SOGs (+4)
Paul Stasny +3 for goals, +2 for assists, +3 for SOGs (+8)

Duncan Keith +2 for assists, +1 for SOGs (+3)
Henrik Sedin (+1 from skills) +4 for assists, +3 for SOGs (+7)
Shea Weber (+3 from skills) +8 for assists (+8)
Zdeno Chara (+3 from skills) +5 for setting a new record on the skills contest, +4 for assists, +1 for SOGs (+10)
Claude Giroux +3 for goals, +2 for assists, +2 for SOGs (+7)
Brent Burns (+1 from skills) +2 for assists, +3 for SOGs (+5)
Mike Green (+1 from skills) +4 for assists (+4)
Anze Kopitar +6 for goals, +3 for SOGs (+9)
Danny Briere (+2 from skills) +6 for goals, +4 for SOGs (+10)
David Backes +6 for assists, +2 for SOGs (+8)
Brad Richards (+1 from skills) +2 for assists, +1 for SOGs (+3)
Rick Nash (+2 from skills) +3 for goals, +2 for assists, +4 for SOGs (+9)
Phil Kessel (+1 from skills) +3 for being Mr. Irrelevant; +3 for SOGs (+6)
Martin Havlat (+2 from skills) +6 for assists, +2 for SOGs (+8)
Jeff Skinner +2 for assists, +4 for SOGs (+6)

Jamie McBain
PK Subban (+3 from skills)
Michael Grabner (+4 from skills)
Tyler Ennis
Oliver Ekman-Larsson (+1 from skills)
Evgeny Dadonov

Jonas Hiller (+9 from skills) +10 for saves (+10)
Cam Ward (+7 from skills) +15 for saves (+15)
Henrik Lundqvist (+10 from skills) +11 for saves, +3 for stopping 1st ever ASG penalty shot (+14)

56 points from the Super Skills competition + 163 points from the All-Star Game = 219 points
* * *
So, there you go. Team HockeyBroad beats Team DownGoesSpezza, 226-219.

It should be noted that DGS really, really, really did not want to lose this bet. He keeps throwing in ideas to add points but so far none are in his favor... for example, CORSI came out at +10 for my team, -10 for his. Next yaer, Matt, next year.

Since DGS lost our bet, he will have to post a picture of Jonathan Toews as his avatar for a week (the official NHL player stats picture, to be exact).

*stick taps to DGS* Good game. Now back to our regularly scheduled season....

Let the smacktalk begin - Team HB vs Team DGS: ASG results after round 1

Tonight was the first round of the All-Star Game, the Super Skills competition, which is always a lot of fun to watch.

Tallying up the results so far after the Super Skills competition night for the Team HockeyBroad vs. Team Down Goes Spezza competition: current score, HockeyBroad 65, Down Goes Spezza 56.

Players scoring points are highlighted in colors corresponding to their actual team colors

Jonathan Toews (+2) +1 for winning round in Accuracy Shooting +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay
Steven Stamkos (+4) +1 for winning round in speed skate +1 for winning round on Hardest Shot +2 for goal in Shoot Out
Nicklas Lidstrom (+3) +2 for being named an ASG Captain +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay

Alex Ovechkin (+3)  +3 for placing 1st in Breakaway Challenge
Corey Perry (+3) +3 for goals in Shoot Out
Daniel Sedin (+3) +1 for winning round in Accuracy Shooting +2 for winning Accuracy Shooting
Martin St Louis (+3) +1 for being named an ASG Alt. Captain +1 for winning round in speed skate +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay
Patrick Sharp (+1) +1 for winning round on Hardest Shot
Eric Staal (+3) +2 for being named an ASG Captain +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Patrick Kane (+4) +1 for being named an ASG Alt. Captain +1 for winning round in Accuracy Shooting +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Loui Eriksson (+2) +1 for placing 3rd in Breakaway Challenge +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay
Matt Duchene (+2) +1 for winning round in speed skate +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay
Patrik Elias
Keith Yandle (+1) +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay
Kris Letang (+1) +1 for winning round in speed skate
Marc Staal
Erik Karlsson (+1) +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Dan Boyle

Logan Couture  (+2) +1 for winning round in Accuracy Shooting +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Kevin Shattenkirk (+2) +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Taylor Hall (+2) +1 for winning round in speed skate +1 for being team fastest in speed skate
Derek Stepan
Tyler Seguin (+1) +1 for winning round on Hardest Shot
Cam Fowler

Marc-Andre Fleury (+9) +9 for saves in Shoot Out
Carey Price (+8) +8 for saves in Shoot Out
Tim Thomas (+5) +5 for saves in Shoot Out

* * *

TEAM DOWN GOES SPEZZA (a.k.a. "Team Kesler") - White/red jerseys

Coaches: Vigneault/Laviolette

Ryan Kesler (+2) +1 for being named an ASG Alt. Captain +1 for winning round in Accuracy Shooting
Dustin Byfuglien (+3) +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay +1 for winning round on Hardest Shot +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Paul Stasny

Duncan Keith
Henrik Sedin (+1) +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay
Shea Weber (+3) +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay +1 for winning round on Hardest Shot +1 for team best on Hardest Shot
Zdeno Chara (+3) +1 for team best on Hardest Shot +2 for winning Hardest Shot
Claude Giroux
Brent Burns (+1) +1 for winning round on Hardest Shot
Mike Green (+1) +1 for being named an ASG Alt. Captain
Anze Kopitar
Danny Briere (+2) +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay +1 for goal in Shoot Out
David Backes
Brad Richards (+1) +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay
Rick Nash (+2) +1 for winning round in Accuracy Shooting  +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Phil Kessel (+1) +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay
Martin Havlat (+2) +1 for winning righties round Skills Challenge Relay +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Jeff Skinner

Jamie McBain
PK Subban (+3) +2 for placing 2nd in Breakaway Challenge +1 for goal in Shoot Out
Michael Grabner (+4) +1 for winning round in speed skate +1 for being team fastest in speed skate +2 for winning final speed skate
Tyler Ennis
Oliver Ekman-Larsson (+1) +1 for winning lefties round Skills Challenge Relay
Evgeny Dadonov

Jonas Hiller (+9) +9 for saves in Shoot Out
Cam Ward (+7) +1 for winning round in speed skate  +6 for saves in Shoot Out
Henrik Lundqvist (+10) +10 for saves in Shoot Out

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicago Pucks Cancer charity event - February 12th


The Chicks Who Give a Puck website has paired up with Second City Hockey to create Chicago Pucks Cancer, a fundraiser for the Young Survival Coalition. 100% of the fundraiser efforts will go to YSC; YSC's mission statement is as follows (from their website):
Young Survival Coalition (YSC) works with survivors, caregivers and the medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer ages 40 and under.
There will be 2 parts to the event:

1. The live event in conjunction with a road watch event at the Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St.) to watch the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Phoenix Coyotes, Saturday, February 12th, starting at 6pm CST (puck drop 7pm).

2. Online donations which will make you eligible for raffle tickets for prizes also.


One ticket will be given for every $5 donated. There will be a bin in front of every prize at the live event, and if you want to win it, you drop one of your tickets in the bin. You MUST be present to win; the drawings will take place immediately after the CHI-PHX game on 2/12, and winners must take their items with them at the time of winning. Participants will be reminded at time of donation, and throughout the game, that the raffle drawing will occur directly after the game.


The online portion of the event will run through February 28th; donations will be accepted through midnight CST on 2/28. You can donate as much as you like; for every $5 donated, you will receive one online ticket. (You can also donate cash without getting tickets, if you're not interested in prizes.) All online donations will be made via PayPal; emails should be sent to

Live event prizes so far include:

- Brent Seabrook autographed used stick (pic above) (Blackhawks)
- Marty Turco autographed baseball cap, paired w/NHL 2011 calendar  (Blackhawks)
- Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane autographed NHL puck  (Blackhawks)
- Patrick Sharp autographed Blackhawks puck (Blackhawks)
- USA NTDP U17 autographed stick
- 2 tickets to the 2/27 CHI/PHX game at the United Center (Blackhawks/Phoenix)
- Duncan Keith autographed home (red) Blackhawks jersey (Blackhawks)
- Jack Skille autographed jersey card (Blackhawks)
- Patrick Sharp autographed puck (Blackhawks)
- Niklas Hjalmarsson autographed puck w/case (Blackhawks)
- Troy Brouwer autographed puck w/case (Blackhawks)
- Viktor Stalberg autographed puck w/case (Blackhawks)
- Rockford IceHogs prize pack including game tickets, Kyle Beach autographed bobblehead, and T-shirt autographed by Mathis Olimb
- Mike Fisher signed cap (Senators)

- Duncan Keith autographed photo (Blackhawks)
- Jonathan Toews autographed photo (Blackhawks) 
- Marian Hossa autographed photo (Blackhawks) 
- Patrick Kane autographed photo (Blackhawks) 
- Patrick Sharp autographed photo (Blackhawks)
- Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup banner-raising photo autographed by Bryan Bickell (Blackhawks)
- Marty Turco autographed photo (2 different photos) (Blackhawks)
- Jack Skille autographed photo (Blackhawks)
- Jake Dowell autographed photo (Blackhawks)
- Nick Leddy autographed photo (Blackhawks)
- Brandon Pirri autographed photo (Blackhawks/IceHogs)
- Ryan Potulny autographed photo (Blackhawks/IceHogs)
- Kyle Beach autographed photo (IceHogs)
- Rob Klinkhammer autographed photo (IceHogs)
- Hugh Jessiman/Shawn Lalonde autographed photo (IceHogs)
- Brandon Bollig autographed photo (IceHogs)
- Hannu Toivonen autographed photo (IceHogs)
- Igor Makarov autographed photo (IceHogs)
- Mathis Olimb autographed photo (IceHogs)

Online prizes so far include:

- Canadian Olympic Mittens autographed by Gold Medalists Tessa Bonhomme and Jennifer Botterill with autographed player cards.
- Marc Andre Fleury autographed puck (Penguins)
- Jordin Tootoo autographed puck (Predators)
- Craig Anderson autographed puck (Avalanche)
- Handmade/signed 2011 U.S. Pond Hockey Championships poster print
- Winter Classic Prize Pack (Penguins Winter Classic jersey + WC scarf; entry requires 2 tickets) (Penguins)
- Mark Streit autographed card (NY Islanders)

Live/online event prizes so far include:

- The Big Chill at the Big House pucks autographed by Red Berenson

View the complete gallery of prizes on the Chicago Pucks Cancer Facebook page

* * *

I have donated a number of autographed pictures to the event (Blackhawks and IceHogs players so far); a couple examples include pictures below.

The ball got rolling for donations online via Twitter. Inspired by the recent "Money on the Board" event which helped inspire the Columbus Blue Jackets recently, the challenge was put out: how could the idea of "money on the board" inspire people to give to this event and honor players/teams at the same time?

As of 5pm CST on 1/25, there are at least 40 pledges representing 13 different teams so far, ranging from nods to success in the All-Star Game weekend, to goals and assists scored in regular games, all the way to humorous pledges like paying for player healthy scratches and donating for every time a certain player is caught "mouthing the F-bomb" on TV.

If you're on Twitter, send a message @ChiPucksCancer and include the hashtag #MOTB with your pledge. 

The current list of pledges - 86 pledges covering 24 teams and 57 players as of 12:30am 1/28:


Pledges for Duchene

@RachelPolner -  Ok i'm in $1 each avs goal $2 shortie $5 each goal Matt Duchene scores in @nhl ASG up to let's say $50?

@Nimijneb18I'm in for the same as @RachelPolner

@cabeckham -  I will donate $10 if @Matt9Duchene's ASG team wins, $2 per goal and $50 for any hat trick he scores before 02.28.2011 [Starts at 19G, 25A time of pledge]

@cabeckham -  And whatever I donate to @ChiPucksCancer I will match for @H2Hockeytown2 - so @Matt9Duchene YSC and DCH donations rest on your shoulders!


Every member of the team is represented by at least one pledge!

@NKaeding - Donating $5 to @chipuckscancer for every Marian Hossa goal till 2/12. [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@Ceeangi - Donating $5 to @chipuckscancer for every Marian Hossa goal till 2/12. [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@giventowail - I'm actually revising my contribution. $5/Hossa goal; $10/shutout W (+$2.50/goal). [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@bon1203 - How about an even $50, in honor of Piss-ANNI (updated from @bon1203 I'll donate $2 for everytime Pat Foley pronounces #15 as Fernando Piss-ANNI. So annoying, like cancer. #cancersucks)

@GeekMisconduct -  Just had an idea - in addition to $1 for every Blackhawks goal scored, I'll chip in $100 for every John Scott goal! [Starts at 0 time of pledge]

@MichSox -  Count me in! RT @ChiPucksCancer: Anyone brave enough to donate $1 per time Captain Serious is caught on tv mouthing a word that rhymes with 'puck'? Till 02.12.2011

@MichSox  - Besides my Captain Serious F-Bomb donation, I will do another $1 donation for every Leddy assist to @ChiPucksCancer Get on it Leddy. Includes Rockford games. [starting at 0]

@MichSoxI realized Leddy dosnt have many assist, I will also donate $1 for Toews assists, starting frm last gm. My Toews $1 per assist counts for the ASG also #MOTB  [starting at 21]

@hockeenight -  make it $5-per-F-bomb. I'm in. RT @ChiPucksCancer: Anyone brave enough to donate $1 per time Toews is caught on TV dropping F-bomb? Till 02.12.2011

@RENYAtini - F*** it - i'm in! RT @hockeenight We're donating $5 to @ChiPucksCancer for every on-screen F-Bomb Toews drops until 2/12 - who's with us?#MOTB 

@KasiaCh -  Great. I'm doing $1 for each Hawks goal, and $2 for each Hossa goal. [Starts at 11 for Hossa, 152 for team time of pledge]

@MikeBradley27 -  Blackhawks have 7 games between now and Feb 12th. I'll donate $1 for every Hawks goal scored between now and then. [Starts at 152 time of pledge]

@talkendo -  So, to recap, $5 for every .01 that Crawfords GAA goes down from 2.12 (calculate after the 2-12 game) Shutout? $10. If his GAA DOESN'T go down, I'll pop in $20, anyway.

@caitlinchris -  $5 for every Jack Skille goal from now until the end of Feb. $20 if he gets a hat trick. #inlieuofgoingtogames  Adjust my pledge to include Assists for Skille please. and the $20 for a hat trick is in addition to the money per goal.  [Starts at 7 G, 9 A, time of pledge]

@HockeyBroad -  In addition to what I've donated - $3 for every Jake Dowell or Bryan Bickell goal, assist or PIM between now and 2/12 incl the PHX game. [Starts at 5G, 11A, 52 PIM time of pledge]

@Danny2Good -  Ill donate $1 per point for Kaner (updated from $1 per asst) [Starts at 13G, 23A, 36 pts time of pledge]

@The_FFF -  I'll donate $5 for every Dave Bolland point through 2/12, $20 per short-handed goal. #itsbollybitch [Starts at 23 pts, 0 SH time of pledge]

@LoriKaryl -  I will donate $5 for every point Sharpy gets (goals, assists, etc) btw now & 2.12.11, including ASG [Starts at 45 pts time of pledge]

@RENYAtini -  I'm in! $1 for each goal by our resident hottie, Patrick Sharp. $20 if any Hawk scores a hattie by 2/12 [Starts at 25 time of pledge]

@PeaceloveHawks -  I've got $5 for every point scored by Brent Seabrook between now and 2.12.11, $10 for points in Vancouver game on 2.04.11 [Starts at 3G, 23A, 26 pts time of pledge]

@micahsussman -  I will put $1 for every blocked shot the Hjammer has, $5 for every game he has a positive +/- in February [Starts at 98 time of pledge]

@StacyLymber -  Feb 1-28 I'll donate $5 for each minute of ice time for Ryan Johnson and  $20 for each #Blackhawks shortie! #MOTB

@ERuns -  $5 for every game Nick Boynton is a scratch.

@Hjammered -  I will pledge $5/goal or $2/assist made by Troy Brouwer from now til end of February. #MOTB [Starts at 14G, 13A time of pledge]

@icebaby20 -  Can I just give a flat rate of $10 for Marty Turco?  #iHeartGoalies

@palindrome713 - Going to change my #MOTB pledge. $.25 for any Taylor Hall or Nick Leddy point. [starts at 1 for Leddy]

@michelleabal -I’ll put #MOTB for Stalberg! I’ll donate $20 / goal or assist to @ChiPucksCancer for Viktor Stalberg from now until Feb 12th. And if for some reason there's no goals or assists, I'll donate a flat $75 to @ChiPucksCancer [Starts at 7G, 8A time of pledge]

@bethanie_bhawks  - $1 for every Stalberg point until 02.12.2011. I will also donate $1 for every Blackhawks win starting tonight until 2/12. #MOTB [starting at 26]

@326BureauChief - Thru 2/12: $5 for each reg period with no GA; $20 total for shutout. Put #moneyontheboard for @ChiPucksCancer! #blackhawks [starting with 1/25 vs Wild]

@kaboom23 - $1 for every Blackhawks goal until 02.12.2011 [started at 152]

@OptiMissyPrime - $1 per goal until 02.12.2011 [started at 152]

@CeeAngi - $5 for every Hossa goal until 02.12.2011, & mother matching her efforts. [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@xDontToewsMeBro - $50

@SAMotherPucker - $1 for every Hawks goal 1/25-2/12, $5 for a hattie and/or shutout and $2 for every Hawks point in the ASG

@One4theDagger - I am pledging $20 if any #Blackhawks player gets a Hat-trick & $5 for each goal from the Slovs. Also, I will pledge toward the All-Star game, but I have to see the teams first ;-) #MOTB

@jdidiana - I'll donate $1 for every goal my boy Duncs has! #blackhawks  [starting at 3]

(anonymous) - How about $1 for every blocked shot &/or assist for Duncs thru 2/12 game? Including the All-Star Game [starting at 25 A, 88 BS]

@theannaenriquez - I'll donate $3 for every goal the Hawks score and $4 for every Burish goal scored when I see them on 2/11. #MOTB  

@forksvschopstic - For every game Hendry isn't scratched, I will donate $1 #MOTB

@sarahwalstra Donating $2 for Brian Campbell G or A for all of February! [starting 2G, 16A]

@hawknut - OK, my #MOTB pledge for @ChiPucksCancer: Now 'til 2/12, $20/each @TheMURDERSAURUS goal, $10/each point, $1/each PIM. ($10 minimum donation). [starts at 1 pt, 45 PIM]  


@powerplaygal  - I will donate $5 for every #CBJ win between now and 2/27. #MOTB [started at 23]


Pledges for Oshie, Berglund, Sobotka

@sarah_connors I'll give $1 for every point scored by the #STLBlues' top line in the month of February. Oshie-Berglund-Sobotka. #MOTB


Pledges so far for Lucic, Chara

@NickTavares -  I'm donating $1 for every goal Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara scores between now and Feb. 12 to @ChiPucksCancer. Thanks, @CeeAngi #Bruins [Starts at 10G for Chara, 19G for Lucic time of pledge]

@Hawgs38 - $1 for every Bergeron point, and $5 for every Marchand SHG [Bergeron starting at 39; Marchand starting at 4]


@theactivestick -  - Okay. I'll try my best to help get the word out in the #Habs camp, and I'll pledge $1 per Canadiens goal until 02.12.2011. [Starts at 127 time of pledge] ... Updated later ... At this rate I might have to change my @ChiPucksCancer pledge to $1 per goal against the #Habs. Maybe I'll go with whichever is higher. 


Pledge for Kesler

@AreYouAnExpert - @VanCanucks I'm donating $5 for every February point Ryan Kesler scores to @ChiPucksCancer, so make sure he gets tons of points please! [starting at 47 pts]


Pledges for Green, Ovechkin

@KeepBradInBigD - Off-Twitter friend will donate $1 for every Ovechkin/Green goal including the All-Star game. [starting at Ovechkin 19, Green 8]

@RockTheRed852 - help get more Caps sponsored! I'm donating $1 for every Ovi/Green goal in February!


Pledge for Yandle, Bissonnette

@JimNeveau  - With @ChiPucksCancer's blessing, I will be donating $1 for every point Keith Yandle scores between now and February 28th. #MOTB [started at 33, w/7G, 33A] -- To add a little extra $ to the cause, I'll also be donating $1 for every SOG and point Yandle gets in the ASG. #MOTB

@hawkeyhaley - Better #MOTB idea, every minute of ice time @BizNasty2point0 has this year (2011), I'll give a dollar and my parents will match 


Pledge for Zharkov

@The_FFF  - No #MOTB for NJD yet?? Okay, $5 for every point scored by Zharkov thru 2/12, $100 for a hat trick! #NJDevils [starting at 2]


@briannecole -  I'll do a dollar per ducks goal til 2.12. [Starts at 133 time of pledge]


@sarahdmc - I've got $2 for every point the #Flames earn during the month of February, plus $10 for a win at the Heritage Classic. 


Pledges for Briere, Giroux

@FlyersGirl05 -  I'm changing my donation for @ChiPucksCancer in honor of the Flyers. I'll donate $1 for every goal they score (thanks @inaneenglish). [Starts at 168 time of pledge]

@FlyersGirl05 - Since it's the All-Star break, I'll keep my donations going to @ChiPucksCancer. I'll add $1 for every goal Briere or Giroux scores.

@jponah - For every goal scored by the #Flyers, I will donate $1 until 2/12/11. Including goals by Briere or Giroux during #ASG #MOTB [starting at 173]


None listed for this team yet


Pledge for Grabner

@ReinaDeLaIsla - okay, so @ChiPucksCancer ... I think I've made a choice. I'll pledge $1 for every goal @grabs40 scores from now till 2/28. :) #isles #MOTB [starts at 14]


@Motley_Su -  I'll join the fun. Since you have a Pens fan, i'll do the # LAKings - $1 per goal. $5 per shutout win btwn now and the event [Starts at 136 G time of pledge]


None listed for this team yet


@fergus30 - So until February 12th, I will donate $1 for each goal against the Leafs for @ChiPucksCancer. Thanks for the rec @theactivestick [starting at 148]


Pledge forDubnyk

@icebaby20 - In addition to the $10 Turco pledge, put me in for $1 EDM for every start Dubnyk gets between now and the event #MOTB [starting 1/26]

@palindrome713 - Going to change my #MOTB pledge. $.25 for any Taylor Hall or Nick Leddy point. [starts at 31 for Hall]


None listed for this team yet


Pledges for Cooke, Staal, Kenndy, Fleury, Crosby, Orpik

@PensN_CWGAP_Meg -  I'll take a leaf out of the others' books and donate $1 to @ChiPucksCancer for every goal scored by the Penguins between now and the event! [Starts at 150 time of pledge]

@PensN_CWGAP_Meg  - I'm adding $2 for Fleury's shutout and any future shutouts between now and the event

@ PensN_CWGAP_Meg - I will add $10 to my donation for every goal Brooks Orpik scores. 

@PensU_Nicole -  okay @buySAMadrink and I will donate $1 each for every goal scored by Matt Cooke, Jordan Staal and Tyler Kennedy :) [Starts at 9 for Cooke, 3 for JStaal, 7 for Kennedy time of pledge]

@buySAMadrink -  Will donate $1 each for every goal scored by Matt Cooke, Jordan Staal and Tyler Kennedy :) [Starts at 9 for Cooke, 3 for JStaal, 7 for Kennedy time of pledge]

@camio87 -  Feb. 1-28, I'll donate 10¢ for every Fleury save and $1 for every Crosby point (if he's not playing, then Jordan Staal). [Starts at 951 saves for Fleury, 66 pts for Crosby, 7 pts for Staal time of pledge]

Pledge for Weber, Hornqvist 

@trebek14 - I will pledge $2 for every point Shea Weber and Patric Hornqvist register in February. #Preds #MOTB


Pledge for Gaborik

@theannaenriquez -  I'll donate $1 for every goal scored by @MGaborik10 and $10 for any #NYR hat trick from now til March 1. #MOTB [Starts at 16G for Gaborik time of pledge]


@fvsports -  I will go .50 for every new follower, up to $100. --- plus he also added, @fvsports Ok, we are always up for helping a good cause. If you can promise my #RedWings win the Cup I will donate $1,000.

@saraneuie -  Stealing from @inaneenglish, $1 for every Red Wing goal between now and the event, $2 for a Wings shorty [Starts at 161 G, 3 SHG time of pledge]


Pledges for Ennis, Myers, Miller

@qutaishat - I pledged $1/Ennis goal, $1/Myers assist, and $2/ Miller 30+ save game until 2/28. Pledge as much or little as you want! [starting at Ellis 0 G, Myers 15 A, Miller games starting 1/27]


None listed for this team yet


Pledges for Couture, Heatley, Thorton, Marleau, Niemi, Setoguchi

@OhMySwed3 -  I'll join as well. $1 per goal scored by Logan Couture, Dany Heatley, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau scored now and between the event [Starts at Couture 22, Heatley 18, Thorton 13, Marleau 18 G time of pledge]

@The_FFF - Cool! Throwing my hat into that ring too: $25 for any Niemi shutout thru 2/12, $10 for any game where he allows 2 or fewer G

@meryddian - $1 per Setoguchi goal btwn 1/26 & 2/12 [Starts at 9]


Pledges for Richards, Burish, Benn, Eriksson, Neal

@kmk1486 -  I will donate $2 for every Brad Richards point the rest of the year! [Starts at 57 time of pledge]

@kmk1486 -  I'll also donate $1 for every Adam Burish blocked shot the rest of the season! [Starts at 61 time of pledge]

@taylordbaird -  In the month of February, $10 for every Jamie Benn point (goal or assist) and $50 if he scores a hat-trick. [Starts at 33 pts - 13G, 20A time of pledge]

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@theannaenriquez - I'll donate $3 for every goal the Hawks score and $4 for every Burish goal scored when I see them on 2/11. #MOTB 


@inaneenglish -  I'm pledging $1 to @ChiPucksCancer for every goal the Thrashers score between now and the event. What are you doing? [Starts at 148 time of pledge]

@inaneenglish - Since the Thrashers scored only 1 goal last night, I'm putting an extra $5 on the board for Pavelec's shutout.

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@crazygirlemy okay. $1 for each goal scored by @Matt9Duchene or Pauly at the #ASG, $10 if the team either of them plays for wins! #MOTB

@RachelPolner if Matt or Paulie or Shatty win any of the superskills, I'll also throw in $5 

@ReinaDeLaIsla - Okay, since Grabner won an event tonight... I think I'll add an extra $3 to the cause :) 

* * *

If you have any questions about donating to Chicago Pucks Cancer and the Young Survival Coalition, such as donating via an alternative method, making a corporate sponsorship, or about tax deduction, please email

In addition to their website, you can find info on their Facebook page.

If you have more questions about the event, contact

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Blogger All-Star Game 2011

Matt of and I have made a little friendly bet between ourselves. As a Blackhawks (me) and Flyers (him) pair of bloggers, it's only natural for us to feel a little... competitive after last year. So we took the All-Star Game roster and held our own draft.

We're going to run this two ways: one, we're both going to set lineups and run them through NHL11 and see whose team wins. Then we're also going to see how the real players do in the real ASG weekend.

Whichever of our teams does overall better will be declared the winner. Whoever the loser is will have to change their Twitter avatar to the picture of the Captain of the other person's team: in Matt's case, that means he would have to change his avatar to Jonathan Toews; in mine, that would be Mike Richards; and have to keep it up for a week. 

We picked our rosters based on ASG rules. I got Coach Q and Haviland; Matt got Vigneault/Laviolette. We then picked first our team Captain, then our two alternative captains (following the two forward/one defenseman rule); and then we followed the format that all goalies had to be chosen by the 10th round and all defensemen by 15th. After we picked our teams, we then picked six rookies apiece.

We'll have our lineups figured out later, but for the meantime, here's our teams. Players are posted in the order they were picked by us in the draft.

* * *

TEAM HOCKEYBROAD (a.k.a. "Team Toews") - Blue jerseys

Coach: Quenneville/Haviland

Team Captain: Jonathan Toews (C) - Shouldn't be surprising to anybody who knows I like the Hawks and that I admire Toews' skills not only with the puck, but his leadership skills. Olympian. Conn Smythe winner. Captained the Stanley Cup winning team. Gives his all every single game.

Alternative Captain 1: Steven Stamkos (C) - I admit I partially picked Stamkos so I could get him before DGS could - one of the NHL's top snipers/scorers; but he's an impressive player. Think he'd also work well with Toews.

Alternative Captain 2: Nicklas Lidstrom (D) - One of, if not the most experienced of the All-Stars; his experience in the ASG and his skill with the puck made him my top D-man choice. (That, and Matt beat me to Buff.) 

Tim Thomas (G) - His season this year. Enough said.

Alex Ovechkin (LW) - After watching 24/7 for the Winter Classic, and knowing his antics from some past years, Ovechkin will add fun and sass to a team. And Ovie paired with Captain Serious would actually be good.

Carey Price (G) - Like his performance this year. And loved his pre-season sass.

Patrick Sharp (LW) - My favorite Blackhawk. Oh, and tied for 3rd most goals in the league doesn't hurt, either. Super-skilled with the puck; makes things happen.

Daniel Sedin (LW) - Choosing between the Sedins is tough. Daniel's the scorer; Henrik sets up the plays. Knew DGS would choose whichever one I didn't!

Kris Letang (D) - Racking up the assists for Pittsburgh. I like two-way D-men who shine.

Marc-Andre Fleury (G) - Have to admit I ended up with Fleury because DGS had already picked his 3 goalies. But loved Fleury's sass in 24/7. Love goalies with a sense of humor.

Tobias Enstrom (D) - Enjoying watching this Swedish defenseman on the Thrashers. He's also among the tops in the league on assists. Again - 2-way D-men!

Dan Boyle (D) - Olympian. Another D-man who is racking up assists left and right. Sharrrrk!

Marc Staal (D) - Ok, I admit I liked the idea of the two Staal brothers playing together; had to get both Staals on the team first. 
Martin St Louis (RW) - Already got Stamkos; needed to get his wingman. Not to mention that St. Louis, in his own right, is a putting up points and assists at a blazing clip.

Erik Karlsson (D) - Admittedly, Karlsson was the last D-man available and I was down to spot #15. His numbers aren't bad, however.

Loui Eriksson (LW) - Another Swede! (Maybe I'll be Team Sweden.) Another Olympian! Another guy racking up great numbers, especially assists.

Matt Duchene (C) - NHL sophomore already on pace to beat his impressive rookie year.

Eric Staal (C) - Hometown Captain. Great stats this year. Was surprised to pick him up this late in draft.

Corey Perry (RW) - One pace to have a career year. Other than that, not really sure why I picked him.

Patrick Kane (RW) - I was trying to get DGS to pick up Kane, thus giving him two Blackhawks on his squad (ha ha *coughcough*), but he didn't fall for it.

Patrik Elias (LW) - To be on pace for his past years' records on a year when the Devils are playing badly means that Elias is still making a lot of effort on a team that's having issues winning.

Rookie squad: Picked 'em because I like their play, or they're lighting up the scoresheet. Oh and Shattenkirk? One of the best hockey names of the year.

Logan Couture
Kevin Shattenkirk
Taylor Hall
Derek Stepan
Tyler Seguin
Cam Fowler

My lines:
Alex Ovechkin (LW) - Jonathan Toews (C) -  Corey Perry (RW)
Daniel Sedin (LW) - Steven Stamkos (C) - Martin St Louis (RW)

Patrick Sharp (LW) - Eric Staal (C) - Patrick Kane (RW) 
Loui Eriksson (LW) -  Matt Duchene (C) - Patrik Elias¹ (RW)

Nicklas Lidstrom (D) - Tobias Enstrom (D) replaced by Keith Yandle (D)
Kris Letang (D)  - Marc Staal (D)
Erik Karlsson (D) - Dan Boyle (D)

Marc-Andre Fleury (G) - 1st period
Carey Price (G) - 2nd period
Tim Thomas (G) - 3rd period

¹ Elias is a left winger. Known for his ability to score from anywhere on the ice, however, he probably would not have much issue filling in at right wing.

* * *

TEAM DOWN GOES SPEZZA (a.k.a. "Team Kesler") - White/red jerseys

Coaches: Vigneault/Laviolette

Team Captain: Ryan Kesler
Alternative Captains: Dustin Byfuglien, Sidney Crosby replaced by Paul Stastny

Duncan Keith (D)
Jonas Hiller (G)
Cam Ward (G)
Henrik Lundqvist (G)
Henrik Sedin (C)
Shea Weber (D)
Zdeno Chara (D)
Claude Giroux (RW)
Brent Burns (D)
Mike Green (D)
Anze Kopitar (C)
Jarome Iginla (RW) replaced by Danny Briere
David Backes (RW)
Brad Richards (C)
Rick Nash (RW)
Evgeni Malkin (C) replaced by Paul Stastny
Phil Kessel (RW)
Ales Hemsky (RW) replaced by Martin Havlat

Rookie squad:
Jordan Eberle replaced by Jamie McBain
Jeff Skinner called up to main squad; replaced by PK Subban
Michael Grabner
Tyler Ennis
Oliver Ekman-Larsson
Evgeny Dadonov

Feel free to run these through your own NHL11 simulation and let us know the results!

* * *

-- First simulation run of original teams resulted in a 2-1 win by team Toews over Team Kesler. Go go team blue!
-- 1/26: Teams updated with replacement players; we will run another sim of the game w/new lines

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fan responses: Favorite hockey moments of 2010

Having a few Blackhawks items to give away, I decided to run a bit of a contest for giving away one of the best items, a lovely T-shirt which was given away at one of the games in December:

The subject of the contest was "Favorite hockey moment of 2010". There's naturally a lot of Blackhawks moments in here, as I have a lot of Blackhawks followers, but they're not the only team represented.

The entries I received are listed below after my own favorite memory. They're listed in the order I received them. Congratulations, James - you're the winner; hope you enjoy showing off your hockey pride in Ireland!

* * *

I had to think about what was my own favorite hockey moment of 2010, because there's been so many to choose from. Even though the U.S. didn't win gold, watching their first game where they beat Canada was pretty good, proof that U.S. hockey has come pretty far. Seeing the incredible national pride that filled the arena when the Canadians won was spectacular. (Yes, I always have multiple moments watching the Olympics where I well up in tears of awe at the shows of national pride.) Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final was probably the most incredible moment I've had watching sports. Patrick Kane's game-saving goal in game 5 of the Nashville series followed by Marian Hossa's game-winner. The 2010-11 season opening night and ceremony/banner raising. The April win over NJ where Antti Niemi bested Marty Brodeur on the shootout and I knew it meant we were destined to win the Cup that year.  

There's two moments that particularly stand out in my mind, however. The first was the end of game 4 in the Sharks sweep, as the clock ticked out, and there was that tiny fear that something terrible would happen in the last minutes and somehow it would take another game to clinch the Final berth. My hands were shaking so hard - my whole body was shaking - that I could barely hold onto my camera for the last 2 minutes of play. I had to put the strap around my neck so I wouldn't drop it. I couldn't even fathom how the players themselves could stay focused down at ice level. And they won - and seeing the Jumbotron change from "5" to "4", and knowing that our boys were going to the Cup - the Blackhawks were going to the Stanley Cup! - and not knowing whether I should shout or cry or laugh, and doing all at once. Getting to see that live was a moment I'll remember forever.

The other important memory (memories, actually) for me for 2010 - and my favorite - is getting my mom to go to her first hockey games. She had watched a little bit of Olympic and playoff hockey, and it was so cute to watch her getting all excited about the play. (I'm not ashamed to admit I sold her on hockey via appealing to her national pride as a Finn by talking up our Finnish goalie last season.) But she finally agreed to go to a hockey game with me, so her very first game was a Florida Panthers vs Nashville Predators rookie exhibition game. Some day when he makes his name in the NHL, my mom will be able to say she saw Erik Gudbranson's NHL debut, even if it wasn't a regular game. 

But she also agreed to go with me to a regular NHL game, so I took her to her first official NHL game after Christmas, the Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning. We were rooting for TBL, who unfortunately lost in the last half minute, but it was a good exciting game with some amazing plays, and she was clearly enjoying herself. (And, like mother, like daughter, also busy photographing the game.) My family went to Red Sox games when I was a kid, but I was never quite the baseball addict my brother is; hockey is my game. Most of my family just realized quite recently how much I love hockey, although it's something I've been following for 30 years. I love that my mom now signs emails to me "Go Hawks!" And slowly but surely, she's been picking up the lingo and the play, and she even has a favorite player (Dustin Byfuglien, who won her over with his playoff goal celebrations), and she asks me how the Blackhawks are doing, and she'll even let me know about how the local ECHL team is doing in her part of the country.


(pictures by HockeyBroad except as noted)

My favorite hockey memory of 2010 is actually centered around a 7 minute window where nothing was taking place on the ice. I was sitting in Section 328, row 11 next to my Dad on May 29th for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I recall literally shaking in my seat as the lights went down following the subtle announcement of Philadelphia's starters. This is what we had all been waiting for; we had officially arrived. 

They say a playoff atmosphere is noticeably different than that of a regular season game. THIS was even a large notch above that. Absent were the pink Kane jerseys, corporate suits and clueless mouthbreathers checking out their first hockey game. It was diehard city. The building had been completely packed for an hour already and by this point the United Center was ready to explode. As a new Stanley Cup intro video played on the video screen, the stadium was abuzz. All at once, it was as if 49 years of frustration, no televised home games, bad trades, bad hockey teams, Alexander Karpovtsev, untimely injuries, and being the forgotten stepchild of the Chicago sports world exploded into a deafening "LET'S GO HAWKS" chant. More videos followed, more noisiness ensued, and then it ended with the loudest National Anthem in recorded history. Oh yea, and of course there was the hockey game.

- John

* * *

My favourite hockey memory in 2010 was watching the USA-Canada gold-medal game at the Olympics.

Living in Ireland makes it tough to watch hockey anyway, but being close enough to the UK allows me to pick up the BBC channel signals so I can watch them for sports and other shows and what-not. (For obvious reasons, local TV didn't have any major Winter Olympic coverage. As far as I remember, we only had 4 athletes represented.)

Only at college, my TV at my apartment wasn't picking them up. Panic-stricken, I went round to a friend of mine's to see if he had it, and as luck would have it, he wasn't at home. Eventually I landed in our student bar and managed to convince the barman to put the game on, I'd just got there on time for the opening face-off.

There were only a small handful of guys there at the time, I think it was about 9pm locally and, as with it being a Sunday, not exactly a busy time in a student bar in a country where the majority get their booze from an off-license and drink at home first before heading out much later, but I digress.

As I was getting more and more into the game, naturally enough the others at the bar were like, "whoa, you actually understand what's happening and what the rules are?", so I took the time to kinda cover the basic sorta stuff and fill them in. Slowly but surely they started getting into the game too, and, as I was rooting for the US (by way of having a €5 bet on them taking gold), the others naturally followed suit.

The game itself from what I recall was somewhat of a goaltending clinic, and Miller and Luongo had both played out of their skins. Sweating buckets when I saw Miller heading to the bench for the extra attacker, 2-1 down, all 6 or 7 of us exploded when Parise got that last ditch game-tying goal with seconds left. Typical drama, after 9 years of videogames, YouTube clips and loosely following news online, the first game I actually watch live goes to OT.

Then Crosby cost me that €5 with his gold-winning goal. At that point though, I couldn't care less about a lousy fiver, I had an absolute blast watching the game with total strangers, and I'd happily do it all over again if I had to.

Compared to watching the Stanley Cup Finals online at home, with a few friends on MSN group chat and over Twitter, this one experience was worth far more to me than any of the 6 cup games were. It was great to see the cup hoisted, don't get me wrong, but it's a far different feeling when you're at home, virtually alone with nobody to share it with.

- James

* * *

I've always enjoyed hockey, but the guy I dated for 4 years was never really into it...I had to CONVINCE him to watch the Stanley cup game. I just graduated from U of I, born into a Blackhawks family so I've always supported them, but it wasn't until my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me that I realized how awesome they are. I was a mess, borderline depressed, missed work, tragic looking, did not want to go out, only stayed in my pjs after the breakup.

Then my sister shook me out of it and demanded that I go with her and her boyfriend to the United Center to see the Hawks vs Flames on Dec 5. The United Center was electrifying, Ive never experienced anything like it--not to mention the Hawks were on FIRE even though they had lost Kane early on.  As the Hawks scored their first goal and the Chelsea Dagger played and everyone danced and sang, I looked around at all of the energy in that room and realized that my stupid breakup and emo feelings were taking so much out of me, I knew I could be investing in something positive like everyone else around me.  That's when I fell hard. I started watching old blackhawk games, reading interviews, watching the silly videos that the team created on their away games. The  blackhawks saved my soul and that's a fact.

- V.

* * *

After watching the Hawks hoist the Stanley Cup from a friends house, I was heading back home for the night on my motorcycle. While my first instinct was to avoid riding down Clark Street due to the mayhem I assumed was taking place in Wrigleyville, I decided that was exactly what I should do.

Amidst a seas of drunken revelers and the constant blare of car horns, a magical moment occurred. While crossing the intersection of Clark/Addison, I spotted a top-down convertible heading the opposite direction, complete with fans hanging out of the side screaming "Go Blackhawks!" I decided it was only appropriate to veer into the middle of the road and get myself a drive-by high five from a stranger. While it certainly wasn't the smartest, it was definitely the most memorable moment from the year.

- Colin

* * *

As an avid Hockey fan before, nothing could have prepared me for the love affair which would officially begin in 2010. The main memory which stuck out to me in 2010, was watching the Winter Olympics with J., my roommate at the time. We cheered for our countrymen and women for most of the events, but was torn during the Hockey games.

Due to the major time difference between where we lived and Vancouver, sleep took a back-burner. It was so tempting to skip work and fly to Vancouver to watch any of the Hockey games. It didn't matter the country or who it was against. The main game we HAD to watch was USA vs. Canada. Mens' AND Womens'. Any game between the two countries involved: bitten nails, clenched fists, and quiet yelling to not wake the neighbors. Everything I loved about a regular hockey game, was multiplied exponentially.

It didn't matter than once the Olympic games were over, these people would go back to being average Joes and Janes, except for the professional NHL players. It was for more than the love of the game, it was also the love of the country. We rejoiced with the Women's teams as they battled out a fantastic game. Well done, Team Canada! And of course, my girls on Team USA, I am so proud. Keep paving the way, ladies!

When J. and I found out, who was going to the final for the Mens, we went nuts. She was traveling that day, so I was forced to watch alone until late into the 2nd Period. Oh my gosh! I was screaming for her to get back to our apartment ASAP! This was a game not to be missed.

When the buzzer clearly stated the end of the 3rd and the beginning of overtime, we were both glued to the sofa. Both teams desired the taste of Gold so badly. Nevertheless, we knew that Canada NEEDED to win it. No drinking of water, no eating of food, turning off the mobile phones fully. When Crosby made that winning goal, I am sure most of the apartments in the complex could hear us screaming. CANADA WINS!! If we hadn't learned the National Anthem of Canada by now, we definitely we not watching enough of the Olympics. LOL.

I was so gutted to see how sad Team USA mens were. At the core, they were considered a bit of an underdog, yet they kept strong and made America proud. Everyone from "sea to shining sea" well aware who was wearing the red,white, and blue. After the Olympics were over, I made sure to look up which team each played for. There are a few which are rivals to my team, but they are still my fellow countryman (I am looking at you, Ryan Kesler!), who I would gladly shake the hand of, if we ever met.

So, there you are, my ULTIMATE favourite hockey memory of 2010, next to the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup, of course.

- forksvschopstic

* * *

It was just "annoying" to some. "Horrifying" to others. Unexpected to all of them. Just like in a Hitchcock movie, a long scream disturbed the (unusual) quiet night in São Paulo; "É GOOOL!" (something like "it's a goal!" in a loose interpretation of the brazilian portuguese expression).

The thing is, that happened late at night, when all possible sports contest going on to the south of the Equator had ended. "É gol". Just that solitary scream. Which was quite curious coming to think of the fact that the World Cup of Soccer, this secular brazilian fixation, hadn't even begun yet. The fact is, that goal was scored on the other side of the planet. Fourty-nine years later, the Chicago Blackhawks had won another Stanley Cup, with another goal by Patrick Kane.

Funny. for the whole playoffs, he had sung the wrong lyrics to that ol' Scorpions song. “Kaner's song”, as he’d refer to it. "It's insaaaane... another goal by PATRICK KANE..." He'd say the name just a tad louder, so he could see that smile on the wife's face. They'd had a rough year, the two. Pretty much like a tough regular NHL season, plus six and seven-game series and numerous turnarounds, broken bones, lost teeth, pulled groins. A handful of problems, but in the end, a blissfull new begining.

After the only scream to the sound of the border, there was no music. There were tears. A rainful of them.

As there is right now, as I remember this story.

That guy is me, and I want to have a kid so I can tell him the story of the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions: your Chicago Blackhawks.

- Thiago

* * *

My favourite hockey memory of 2010 has to be seeing the city of Vancouver go absolutely mental after the Canadian gold medal win.

I watched the game at a longtime friend's place, with several hockey fans, their spouses (of various levels of interest) and of course my own (Mexican-born) lovely wife Nadia. She got swept up in the excitement, and cheered as loud as any of the rest of us - with her new Canadian passport in her pocket. It was the perfect end to an amazing Olympic experience.

We celebrated with some impressive BC microbrew, walked the streets singing O Canada with truckloads of complete strangers, and what can I say? Our firstborn child was brought into the world November 5 just ten blocks from where Sid the Kid scored that golden goal.

- Jason

* * *

My favorite memory is a toss up between Kane scoring the winning goal in OT and going to the championship parade. But the parade wins, hands down.

I work 2 blocks from where the parade started-it was so hot and humid that day. A group of us from work were standing out in the blazing sun in the middle of Wacker & Washington waiting for the Hawks & Stanley to come by. There was a guy that had climbed on to one of the light poles and he was our "lookout" to see when the parade was starting. He would make a move, we'd get excited thinking the Hawks were close. We heard the roar of the crowd before we even saw them. Then we finally saw the Hawks and finally, the Stanley Cup! It was so amazing to see that many people all trying to get a glimpse of Sharp, Toews, Kane and all the Hawks. Everytime I look at those pics, it brings a huge smile to my face.

- Jaime

* * *

I have a couple of favorite memories of 2010.  The first would be getting my wife and my sister-in-law excited about the Olympic hockey tournament.  My wife was really excited about the Olympic break, because she was sure that this would afford her a break from my hockey watching schedule.  There was to be no such luck.  However, once my wife (and later, her sister) got stuck watching the games with me, there was no turning back.  I think the international style of play (with the bigger rink) was exciting for them to watch, and the intensity with which many of the players played also made for some of the best hockey we've seen in quite some time.  I suppose in a way they both got a little spoiled by seeing such a great tournament, but it was a lot of fun to watch the games with some folks who were having their first exposure to international hockey (even if I had to answer a lot of questions).

The second, obviously, would be the Hawks winning the cup.  My wife and I moved to Madison, WI, in September of 2009, and I had to struggle to catch a lot of games, as I was working nights and didn't get Gamecenter until after the Olympic break.  So, when the playoffs came, I was really excited to get to catch all of the games in HD on Versus.  If you remember, most of the games in the first and second rounds were joined 'in progress' on Versus, so I rarely got to see an entire game in those rounds (because I couldn't get the WGN or CSN feed).  By the time the conference finals rolled around, the Hawks TV schedule was having a serious impact on the itinerary of the whole household, as my wife was enjoying the games as much as I was.  Okay, maybe not quite as much, but a lot nonetheless.

One of the only good things, sports-wise, about living in Wisconsin (other than Badger's hockey) is the ability to go to Cubs' games over in Milwaukee.  We decided when tickets went on sale that we would get tickets for each night of one of the Milwaukee series: June 8, 9, and 10.  Needless to say, as the day of the 9th approached, we both sought out friends/co-workers/random people that looked interested in paying any amount of money to see two shitty baseball teams play each other on a school night.  When we could find no one, my wife suggested that we go to the game, peek in on the Hawks game (which we were DVRing at home) in the bar, and sit at the bar to watch the 3rd period.

This was a fine suggestion until we got to the game.  As is common with Chicago sports fans, there were more Hawks hats than Cubs hats that night.  (This is something I will never understand, by the way, but this probably isn't the time or place for such a discussion.)  So, we were pretty sure that we would be able to get info from people around us, but NO ONE really seemed aware of the fact that the Hawks were playing   The powers that be in Milwaukee went out of their way to make sure that every sporting event in the world was on the TV's at Miller Park that night other than the Hawks-Flyers game.  

We finally were able to find a TV that some intrepid Chicagoan had scaled a cement pillar to change to NBC, and saw that the score was tied in the second period.  This excited us, but we were more disturbed by the plethora of 'Go Flyers!' and 'F--k Chicago!' calls that we heard around the TV.  At this point, the Cubs were up handily, and my wife suggested that we go home, because, as she put it, if the Hawks win, it will be basically the best sports thing to happen to me since the Bears made it to the Super Bowl in 2006, and that there was no reason that I should have to share that experience with a bunch of Chicago-hating assholes from Milwaukee.  (Why everyone in Milwaukee would hate on the Hawks is another phenomenon that is beyond me.  Wisconsin is a place that loves hockey, and the Hawks are the closest team, but whatever.)

So, we head out for the 70 minute drive home.  Along the way, we see a pretty serious accident on the highway.  When we get home, I head right to the cable remote, start the DVR recording, and then turn the TV on, so that I don't accidentally catch a glimpse of any aftermath before I see the game.  My wife goes into the computer room while I am fast-forwarding, to check the news regarding the accident that we passed on the way home.  From the office, I hear an 'Oh damn', and my wife says something about the extent of the injuries suffered by the driver in the accident.  

She comes down stairs and we are watching, and she's being really down on the team and asking questions about the next game, and what the team should do differently if it goes to a game 7, and so forth.  And then a goal! When Kane jumped up and swung his arms like a sissy little girl immediately after putting the puck into the net, I joined him in almost an identical little-girl-hopscotch manner, jumping around my living room like a fool (as I'm sure many in Chicago had also done...several hours earlier.)  My wife almost wet herself laughing at my excitement, and was proud of herself for selling her 'Oh damn' as a reaction to the accident, when in reality Google news had immediately shown her that the Hawks had won.

The payoff to this story isn't all that super, in retrospect, but it meant a lot to me.  My wife knew how excited I was about everything, and did her best to help me enjoy this (hopefully not, but potentially) once in a lifetime experience to the fullest extent possible.  This playoff year was special for all of that, and also because we have a baby coming in May, so any playoff hockey I see this year I am unlikely to remember as a result of sleep deprivation.

- Stephen

* * *

My favorite hockey memory from 2010 was the trip my friend Becky & I took to Dallas, TX to see the Dallas Stars in April.  Goalie Marty Turco was my "gateway drug" into the world of hockey, and I wanted nothing more than to see him and American hockey hero Mike Modano at their home arena.

After months of saving, planning & excitement, we finally made it to American Airlines Center on April 2nd to see our ECHL team's (Stockton Thunder) affiliate, Edmonton Oilers, take on the Stars.

The Stars had recently signed goalie Kari Lehtonen, so unfortunately Marty Turco wasn't starting that night.  But when he hit the ice for warmups, I couldn't care less, I was seeing Turco on his turf, he was amazing and I took dozens of photos of him while I could. 

I was ecstatic to see Mike Modano play.  We would learn shortly after that game, that Turco and Modano would not be re-signed to the Stars.  Becky & I were lucky to have been able to see them in one of their last games with their longtime teams.  The Stars won 6-3 over the Oilers that night, but what mattered was I got to see my hockey/goalie idol Marty Turco.

Now Turco is on the Blackhawks, not doing as well as I or any of their fans want him to, but I love him still.  I have Marty-colored eyes, he can rarely do no wrong by me.  And I still have hope that he'll recover a good place in Blackhawks fans' hearts, after all, he has a big part in mine!

- Lyndall

* * *

(picture courtesy of Alexa)

My favorite memory is a very recent one. In December I went to a Tony Esposito signing. Now granted most would think "Okay great, a signing. Big whoop." But the reason that it's my favorite hockey memory of 2010 is because not only did I get to shake Tony Esposito's freaking hand but it was also a huge surprise for my father, a die hard Blackhawks fan since he was in diapers.

My father has always been an exceptionally hard person to buy gifts for and this year it seemed like fate that the Blackhawks book One Goal Achieved should be released not long before Christmas. So my brother and I bought it and then decided to get it signed by the legendary Tony O. At the last second we thought to bring Da along. He had no idea where were going and when we finally arrived and told him what we were doing, he was like a kid on Christmas, all smiles and barely contained excitement.

He was even more excited when we showed him the book hidden in the trunk of our car along with his vintage caricature of Tony O that is easily 40+ years old and still in mint condition. For the next three hours we sat in line flipping through the book, talking to other Hawks fans and listening to John Wiedeman on the speacker system. Da even got to ask Tony a question! (Da "How many goals would you say your brother scored on you in your career?" Tony "Oh quite a few.") For my brother and I, seeing our father so obviously enthralled for the first time in years was the greatest gift for us this holiday season and I will forever treasure that memory.

- Alexa

* * *

As a whole, the most prominent motif in my life during 2010 was hockey. It was my second year actually being a fan, but in a way it was the first year that I truly and genuinely saw it change my life.

There were many moments that I am immensely proud of having been a part of--walking in the Pride Parade with Brent Sopel and the Cup, which we did in Brendan Burke's honor; being crushed in the Stanley Cup Parade; spending so much time with other fans at convention; several run-ins with players; and getting to wear a legit Blackhawks Stanley Cup Ring--but really, the most amazing and surreal hockey-related moment of my year came right after they won the Cup. The silence in the condo, which had been impossibly loud seconds before, stretched even as Patrick Kane celebrated. I remember reaching out, needing to hold someone's hand, and both a new acquaintance and a close friend responded.

And as I started losing circulation, I heard a deafening victory shout that I realized had come from me--and we all jumped, still holding hands, and began screaming and crying. The euphoria stayed with us for hours; we celebrated in the apartment for a good thirty minutes we walked down State and then Madison like we owned the world. And then my good friend Kat, whom I credit for awakening hockey passion in me, suggested we head to O'Hare to receive our victorious boys and welcome them home, so we did. We took a long train ride, ran around the entire airport, talked to a ton of other fans and some employees, and then took another train ride to pick up a car to drive us out to Harry Carey's due to instructions from a new friend--but what really mattered was that, at 4:37AM, exhausted and euphoric and freezing and alive, a sea of us cheered as the Blackhawks filed out of the bus and held the Cup aloft for us to see. I had never seen it in person before, and there was something mystical about that gleam of silver reflecting the restaurant's light even as camera flashes threatened to blind me. There are no words to describe the feeling of lightness as we saw that the Cup was theirs, was ours, and that all of the tears and the sweat and the faith that we had devoted to this team was worthwhile.

And so now, even when I see the team struggle, I remember that feeling--and I am certain we will share it again. LET'S GO HAWKS!

- Lee