Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Fans in 30 Days: Addison & the Chicago Blackhawks

The "How the Blackhawks spent their summer" section of the 30 Fans in 30 Days will be presented on Monday.

To wrap up the 30 Fans in 30 Days series, for the Blackhawks, we talked with Addison, who can be found on Twitter at @hockeyplaya97. He's been a Blackhawks fan his whole life.
Let's talk about your fandom a bit.

I've been watching hockey essentially since I was born. My dad watched and played hockey when I was born and I just kind of picked it up from there. I've been watching and playing hockey as long as I can remember. I started skating at about 3 years old and have been playing ever since.

I watched the Hawks all through the lean years and have really enjoyed seeing them thrive over the last few years. I was at Game 6 against the Canucks a couple years back when Kane scored his hat trick on Luongo. I was also at the banner raising ceremony this past season after they won the Stanley Cup. That was as amazing of a game that I've attended simply because of the ceremony.

Which player that your team signed/acquired this summer are you most excited to see take the ice this season?

I'm happy to see the grit the Hawks have signed but the player I'm most excited to see is not on the team yet. I'm interested to see what acquisitions they make closer to the trade deadline. I would love to see a #2/3 C (perhaps Daymond Langkow or Jarret Stoll) or a #1 LW (think Shane Doan).

Taking into consideration your team's performance last year/recently, and any player/personnel (coaches, GMs, ownership) changes made in the past few months, talk about your team in 2011-2012: How do you think they've improved (or made worse)? What do they need to work on?

The biggest they did this off season was adding some much needed grit and toughness to the roster. The team seriously lacked that sandpaper that is typically needed to make through the playoffs. I'm curious to see how the defense shapes up considering there will be a few new faces on the blue line this season. Leddy should get a bigger role this year and how he handles that role could make a big difference for the Hawks. The biggest thing to look for is bounce back years from guys like Keith and Seabrook. They need to revert back their 09-10 form if the Hawks want to contend for a Cup this season.

Whether or not you think your team will make the playoffs, where do you predict your team will place within their conference?

2nd in the Western Conference

What existing hockey rule would you change (and how) if you could?

I would definitely eliminate the instigator penalty. I think it creates more problems than it eliminates as it frees players like Burrows or Cooke to run around taking cheap shots without the worry of too much retribution. The players need to be able to police themselves on the ice to an extent.

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  1. Odd to me that the newly acquired player you were most eager to see isn't anyone the Hawks have, that you are looking for new faces already. Enjoy the team as it is! I'm curious about how Carcillo fits in, and looking for Saad, although he isn't likely to crack the NHL this year. Still, VERY excited about that pick.


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