Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicago Blackhawks 2011 prospect camp - day 3 scrimmage in pictures

2011 Draftee Johan Mattsson on the ice during warmups

Video of the full second period of the scrimmage. Johan Mattsson (2011 Draftee) in net for red (left) and Cal Heeter (free agent invitee) in net for white (right). Video is shot on a Flip cam and is not the best (out of focus at times and occasionally the lightning looks yellow) but for those interested in watching the scrimmage, here's a look for you.

Waiting to take the ice before the first period. The pre-game tension was palpable.

Scott Greenham (left) and Cal Heeter wait to take the ice

Waiting to take the ice

Mac Carruth in net

Stephen John moves the puck up ice

Rob Flick makes a play

Drew LeBlanc takes a faceoff

White team congratulates each other on Mark McNeill's goal

Free agent invitee Matt Petgrave on defense

2011 Draftees Mark McNeill (left) and Phillip Denault face off

Rob Flick (left) and Kevin Hayes take a faceoff

Scott Greenham (left) and Cal Heeter skate off the ice after the first period

2011 Draftee Phillip Danault on the ice

2011 Draftee Adam Clendening (8) plays defense against one of the Hayes brothers

2011 Draftee Brandon Saad in front of goalie Cal Heeter

Free agent invitee goalie Michael Clemente makes a save against Daniel Delisle (19)

Rob Flick takes a faceoff

Kent Simpson makes a save against Joe Lavin

Cal Heeter makes a save against the white team; Stephen Johns and Joakim Nordstrom in the crease

Mark McNeill and Stevie Moses race Kevin Hayes for the puck

Cal Heeter in goal

The red team celebrates a goal

Cal Heeter defends against Phillip Danault's play

Ludvig Rensfeldt

Mirko Hoefflin battles Shayne Taker for the puck

Brandon Saad on the ice

Stephen Johns looks up at the fans on the upper level during warmups

The players take instruction prior to the scrimmage

Dylan Olsen takes the puck

Matt Petgrave making a defensive play

Paul Zanette on a faceoff

Michael Clemente makes a save

2011 Draftee Andrew Shaw, agitator

Matt Petgrave on the ice

Dylan Olsen making a play

Scott Greenham makes a save

Scott Greenham in goal

Brothers Alex and Terry Broadhurst making a play against Paul Phillips

Adam Clendening works defense behind Scott Greenham's net

Free agent invitee Ben Youds

Drew Leblanc wins a faceoff against Phillip Danault

Red team scores on Scott Greenham

Mark McNeill tallies his first goal against Michael Clemente

Mark McNeill takes a faceoff

Mac Carruth during a pause in play

Stephen Johns scores on Scott Greenham

Andrew Shaw makes a play

Michael Clemente in net

Joe Lavin defends against Mark McNeill

Joe Lavin moves the puck against Michael Paliotta

Scott Greenham nakes the save and the red team goes for the rebound

Mark McNeill faces off against David Gilbert

Phillipe Paradis and Joe Levin chase down a loose puck

Michael Clemente corrals the puck as Mark McNeill attempts a wraparound

Phillipe Paradis checks Jimmy Hayes

Drew LeBlanc carries the puck up ice

Post-game handshake; Saturday's scrimmage was a tie, 6-6, including one 5-minute overtime

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  1. Good stuff! A question came to mind: Any idea who the on-ice officials are? NHL? AHL? Local amateurs? Blackhawk employees?


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