Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where were you one year ago tonight, Blackhawks fans?

One year ago today, on Philadelphia ice, the Chicago Blackhawks broke a 49-year drought and won the Stanley Cup. 

I don't normally go out to bars for games, but for THIS game, for the one that might be THE win, I had to be around other people. I met up with some other Blackhawks fans/Twitterfolk at the Brew & View at the Vic (what could be more awesome than watching this game on that HUGE screen?), but the theater's projection system kept having problems. Ridiculous! Couldn't put up with this at a time like this!  

So I ran down the street to see if Leona's or Trader Todd's was showing the game, and we ended up moving over to Trader Todd's for the 2nd/3rd/OT parts of the game. There weren't many of us in there - maybe 20 people in the place - and I was fine til about five minutes left in the game. Nervous wrecks, each and every one of us. Then Kane scored the OT goal, and I leapt to my feet so quickly that I nearly keeled over immediately from the blood rush.

"And they score! We saw no light! We saw no signal! And we're not sure if they've sent a signal to the goalie lamp, but they're celebrating at the other end of the ice! What chaos!" -- NBC

"And it's in the net! They scored! It's in! It's in! The Hawks win the Stanley Cup! .... It's in the back of the net! The Hawks have won the Stanley Cup! Blackhawks fans around the world, you've endured 49 years of frustration! But your patience has finally paid off! Lord Stanley's new address is sweet home Chicago! The Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup!" -- WGN

We could hear screaming and car honking outside. After celebrating and shaking hands all around ("until next year"), I headed out to get my car and to take in the city. 

Wrigleyville was wild, happy chaos; police had already cordoned off a large stretch of Clark Street where all the bars are, close to Wrigley Field, but for blocks around, people were running down the street, high-fiving anyone in sight. People hefting replica Cups; people dancing in the streets. 

They say in Chicago that baseball divides this city, but hockey unites it. Where were you the night the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup?



  1. You know, in the interests of NOT putting this story in NINE different places, I'll just link to my own post.

  2. Where was I when the Hawks won the Cup? Not much but here's my story.


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