Monday, June 13, 2011

Where might the players travel with the Stanley Cup?

One of the great things about being a hockey player who wins the Stanley Cup is that you get your "day with the Cup" -- 24 hours spent with the greatest trophy in sports.

Last year, tracked the Blackhawks and where they took the Cup around the globe. Tonight, with only one or two games left before a new champion is crowned, let's take a look at where both teams might take the Cup on their "Summer with Stanley".

Worth noting: it doesn't matter which team wins the Cup; a Cup winner will visit each Final city on their Day With The Cup. Although neither team has a "native son", both teams are home to a player from the other side's city -- Milan Lucic of the Bruins grew up in Vancouver; and Cory Schneider of the Canucks grew up in Marblehead, just outside of Boston. (Additional fun fact - Schneider's parents are long-term Boston Bruins season ticket owners!)

Teams are presented alphabetically. Locations represented on the map are those players who qualify to be engraved on the Stanley Cup (41+  regular season games or 1 Stanley Cup Final game; teams can always request exceptions). Click through on either map to see a larger-resolution version.


Boston's roster is heavily Canadian, and in particular, represents many of the eastern provinces. If the Bruins won the Cup, the Summer With Stanley Tour would include stops in British Columbia, Alberta, Québec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, plus many stops in Ontario; then Pittsburgh and Michigan in the U.S.; and on to Europe, where it would visit Germany, Finland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.


Vancouver's players are also spread across Canada, with a large clusters around and Montréal and an even larger one around Toronto. The Canucks roster represents British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Québec. In the U.S., it's Minnesota, Michigan, and Massachusetts. From there, the Cup would go to Europe, where it would of course be heavily represented in Sweden; but also make stops in Finland and Germany. The Cup would also go to Denmark for the first time, as Jannik Hansen is from Herlev, on the island of Sjælland.

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