Monday, June 27, 2011

Gary Bettman's State of the NHL talk at MN Wild fan fest

These are videos of Gary Bettman's "State of the NHL" discussion at the MN Wild's "Fan Fest" on Saturday, June 25th. Five videos, total content time approx 45-50 minutes.

On a side note related the the NHL Draft: have updated the listing of pro hockey players on Twitter to include those players who were drafted this year.  (Draftees listed under the third section "Other pro hockey players").

Bettman discusses his NHL Live radio show and the new NHL television broadcast arrangements, and how the NHL plans to expand coverage and get the NHL into more households. My apologies up front for the quality of the video. (First video is most likely to make you seasick!) This was shot with a Flip camera and I didn't have my monopod to prevent video shaking.

More discussion about broadcast partners as well as sponsor relationships, and relationships with the NHL fan base. Also discusses "HBO 24/7"; hockey players as athletes; the future of the Winter Classic -- including MN fans asking about getting the game in Minnesota, how the NHL chooses who gets to play in the WC, and why the NHL chooses the stadiums that they do

Talking about NHL realignment; talking about home/away uniforms; discusses the Phoenix, Winnipeg and Minnesota (North Stars) moves, and team moves in general; and the decision to move to Winnipeg and how the fanbase there has reacted. The figure about how many people signed up online to get on the season ticket list is staggering.

Discussing how the salary cap/floor has increased competitiveness between teams; how old-school salary parity affected the game; Bettman talks about how he became interested in hockey as a kid; taking questions from the audience, re: realignment, rivalries, asking about Horton hit, European vs North American ice size/game, and safety regulations.

More audience questions: NCAA vs USA Hockey; and preventing a CBA work stoppage and how the last lockout affected the NHL.

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