Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Updated #MOTB for @ChiPucksCancer event

As mentioned in the post for the Chicago Pucks Cancer event, the challenge went out: inspired by the Columbus Blue Jackets' fans putting "Money on the board" (a time-honored sports tradition), how much could #MOTB pledges help raise for this event?

For more information about the event and how to donate, please visit either the Chicago Pucks Cancer website (PayPal donation button available on that site also), or the Chicago Pucks Cancer Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter at @ChiPucksCancer.

Well, the pledges have been rolling in, and here's the current updated list as February begins.
Current tally:
105 106 pledges covering 26 teams & 62 63 players


Pledges for Duchene

@cabeckham -  I will donate $10 if @Matt9Duchene's ASG team wins, $2 per goal and $50 for any hat trick he scores before 02.28.2011 [Starts at 19G, 25A time of pledge] - Tally so far: Duchene 1 G / team win in ASG

@cabeckham -  And whatever I donate to @ChiPucksCancer I will match for @H2Hockeytown2 - so @Matt9Duchene YSC and DCH donations rest on your shoulders!

@crazygirlemy - $1 for every goal @Matt9Duchene or Paul Stastny scores, $10 for the winning team ... I've got  for  ... do YOU? - Tally: Statsny 1 G, 1 A; Duchene 1 G; Duchene's team won ($12)


Every member of the team is represented by at least one pledge!

@326BureauChief - Thru 2/12: $5 for each reg period with no GA; $20 total for shutout. Put #moneyontheboard for @ChiPucksCancer! #blackhawks [Starting with 1/25 vs Wild]

@bethanie_bhawks  - $1 for every Stalberg point until 02.12.2011. I will also donate $1 for every Blackhawks win starting tonight until 2/12.  [Starting at 26]

@bon1203 - How about an even $50, in honor of Pisani.

@caitlinchris -  $5 for every Jack Skille goal from now until the end of Feb. $20 if he gets a hat trick. #inlieuofgoingtogames  Adjust my pledge to include Assists for Skille please. and the $20 for a hat trick is in addition to the money per goal.  [Starts at 7 G, 9 A, time of pledge]

@Ceeangi - Donating $5 to @chipuckscancer for every Marian Hossa goal till 2/12. [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@CeeAngi - Mother matching my efforts - $5 for every Hossa goal [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@Danny2Good -  Ill donate $1 per point for Kaner (updated from $1 per asst) [Starts at 13G, 23A, 36 pts time of pledge] -

@ERuns -  $5 for every game Nick Boynton is a scratch.

@forksvschopstic - For every game Hendry isn't scratched, I will donate $1

@GeekMisconduct -  Just had an idea - in addition to $1 for every Blackhawks goal scored, I'll chip in $100 for every John Scott goal! [Starts at 0 time of pledge]

@giventowail - I'm actually revising my contribution. $5/Hossa goal; $10/shutout W (+$2.50/goal). [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@hawknut - OK, my  pledge for @ChiPucksCancer: Now 'til 2/12, $20/each @TheMURDERSAURUS goal, $10/each point, $1/each PIM. ($10 minimum donation). [Starts at 1 pt, 45 PIM] 

@Hjammered -  I will pledge $5/goal or $2/assist made by Troy Brouwer from now til end of February.  [Starts at 14G, 13A time of pledge]

@hockeenight -  make it $5-per-F-bomb. I'm in. - RT @ChiPucksCancer: Anyone brave enough to donate $1 per time Toews is caught on TV dropping F-bomb? Till 02.12.2011

@HockeyBroad -  In addition to what I've donated - $3 for every Jake Dowell or Bryan Bickell goal, assist or $1 for any PIM between now and 2/12 incl the PHX game. [Starts at 5G, 11A, 52 PIM time of pledge]

@icebaby20 -  Can I just give a flat rate of $10 for Marty Turco?  #iHeartGoalies

@jdidiana - I'll donate $1 for every goal my boy Duncs has! #blackhawks  [Starting at 3]

@kaboom23 - $1 for every Blackhawks goal until 02.12.2011 [Started at 152]

@KasiaCh -  Great. I'm doing $1 for each Hawks goal, and $2 for each Hossa goal. [Starts at 11 for Hossa, 152 for team time of pledge]

@keribo - How $1 MOTB for any Duncs goal/assist/shot blocked thru 2/12 game, including the All-Star Game [Starting at 25 A, 88 BS]

@LoriKaryl -  I will donate $5 for every point Sharpy gets (goals, assists, etc) btw now & 2.12.11, including ASG [Starts at 45 pts time of pledge] - Tally so far: 3 pts in ASG

@micahsussman -  I will put $1 for every blocked shot the Hjammer has, $5 for every game he has a positive +/- in February [Starts at 98 time of pledge]

@michelleabal - I’ll put  for Stalberg! I’ll donate $20 / goal or assist to @ChiPucksCancer for Viktor Stalberg from now until Feb 12th. And if for some reason there's no goals or assists, I'll donate a flat $75 to @ChiPucksCancer [Starts at 7G, 8A time o

@MichSox -  Count me in! Double for audible. RT @ChiPucksCancer: Anyone brave enough to donate $1 per time Captain Serious is caught on tv mouthing a word that rhymes with 'puck'? Till 02.12.2011 - Tally 1 audible F-bomb during the ASG!

@MichSox  - Besides my Captain Serious F-Bomb donation, I will do another $1 donation for every Leddy assist to @ChiPucksCancer Get on it Leddy. Includes Rockford games. [Starting at 0]

@MichSox - I realized Leddy dosnt have many assist, I will also donate $1 for Toews assists, starting frm last gm. My Toews $1 per assist counts for the ASG also   [Starting at Toews 21 A] - Tally to date: 2 A in ASG ($2)

@MikeBradley27 -  Blackhawks have 7 games between now and Feb 12th. I'll donate $1 for every Hawks goal scored between now and then. [Starts at 152 time of pledge]

@NKaeding - Donating $5 to @chipuckscancer for every Marian Hossa goal till 2/12. [Starts at 11 time of pledge]

@One4theDagger - I am pledging $20 if any #Blackhawks player gets a Hat-trick & $5 for each goal from the Slovs.  

@OptiMissyPrime - $1 per goal until 02.12.2011 [Started at 152]

@palindrome713 - 25¢ for any J. Toews or N. Leddy assist. 50¢ for a Toews goal. $1 for Leddy's.   [Starts at Toews 17 G, 23 A; Leddy 1 G; Hall 16 G, 15 A]

@PeaceloveHawks -  I've got $5 for every point scored by Brent Seabrook between now and 2.12.11, $10 for points in Vancouver game on 2.04.11 [Starts at 3G, 23A, 26 pts time of pledge]

@RENYAtini -  I'm in! $1 for each goal by our resident hottie, Patrick Sharp. $20 if any Hawk scores a hattie by 2/12 [Starts at 25 time of pledge]

@RENYAtini - F*** it - i'm in! RT @hockeenight We're donating $5 to @ChiPucksCancer for every on-screen F-Bomb Toews drops until 2/12 - who's with us?

@SAMotherPucker - $1 for every Hawks goal 1/25-2/12, $5 for a hattie and/or shutout and $2 for every Hawks point in the ASG [Start at 152 G] - Tally so far: 8 pts in ASG

@sarahwalstra - Donating $2 for Brian Campbell G or A for all of February! [Starting 2G, 16A]

@Schwarziest - I'm in! I'll donate $10 to @ChiPucksCancer for every #Blackhawks win from 2/1 - 2/12.

@StacyLymber -  Feb 1-28 I'll donate $5 for each minute of ice time for Ryan Johnson and  $20 for each #Blackhawks shortie!  [Starting at 67:55 TOI]

@talkendo -  So, to recap, $5 for every .01 that Crawfords GAA goes down from 2.12 (calculate after the 2-12 game) Shutout? $10. If his GAA DOESN'T go down, I'll pop in $20, anyway.

@The_FFF -  I'll donate $5 for every Dave Bolland point through 2/12, $20 per short-handed goal. #itsbollybitch [Starts at 23 pts, 0 SH time of pledge]

@theannaenriquez - I'll donate $3 for every goal the Hawks score and $4 for every Burish goal scored when I see them on 2/11.   [Starting at 152 G for Hawks]

@xDontToewsMeBro - $50 for the Blackhawks


@powerplaygal  - I will donate $5 for every #CBJ win between now and 2/27.  [Started at 23]


Pledges for Oshie, Berglund, Sobotka

@sarah_connors - I'll give $1 for every point scored by the #STLBlues' top line in the month of February. Oshie-Berglund-Sobotka.  [Starting at Oshie 11, Berglund 28, Sobotka 21]


Pledges so far for Lucic, Chara

@Hawgs38 - $1 for every Bergeron point, and $5 for every Marchand SHG [Starts at Bergeron 39; Marchand 4]

@NickTavares -  I'm donating $1 for every goal Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara scores between now and Feb. 12 to @ChiPucksCancer. Thanks, @CeeAngi #Bruins [Starts at Chara 10G, Lucic 19G]

@wickedbruinsfan - #Bruins pledges: $5 for Tim Thomas shutout, $2 for @SteveKampfer47 goal, $1 for David Krejci point (from 2/1-2/28)  [Starting at Thomas 7 SO, Kampfer 4 G, Krejci 33 pts]


@theactivestick -  Okay. I'll try my best to help get the word out in the #Habs camp, and I'll pledge $1 per Canadiens goal until 02.12.2011.  ... Updated later ... At this rate I might have to change my @ChiPucksCancer pledge to $1 per goal against the #Habs. Maybe I'll go with whichever is higher.  [Starts at 127 for; 148 against]


Pledge for Kesler

@AreYouAnExpert - @VanCanucks I'm donating $5 for every February point Ryan Kesler scores to @ChiPucksCancer, so make sure he gets tons of points please! [Starting at 47 pts]


Pledges for Green, Ovechkin

@KeepBradInBigD - Off-Twitter friend will donate $1 for every Ovechkin/Green goal including the All-Star game. [Starting at Ovechkin 19, Green 8] - Tally so far: Ovechkin 1 G in ASG

@RockTheRed852 - help get more Caps sponsored! I'm donating $1 for every Ovi/Green goal in February! [Starting at Ovechkin 19, Green 8]


Pledge for Yandle, Bissonnette

@hawkeyhaley - Better  idea, every minute of ice time @BizNasty2point0 has this year (2011), I'll give a dollar and my parents will match [Started at 98:33 as of 1/1]

@JimNeveau  - With @ChiPucksCancer's blessing, I will be donating $1 for every point Keith Yandle scores between now and February 28th.  [Started at 33, w/7G, 33A] -- To add a little extra $ to the cause, I'll also be donating $1 for every SOG and point Yandle gets in the ASG.  - Tally so far: 3 SOG in ASG


Pledge for Zharkov

@The_FFF  - No  for NJD yet?? Okay, $5 for every point scored by Zharkov thru 2/12, $100 for a hat trick! #NJDevils [Starting at 2]


@briannecole -  I'll do a dollar per Ducks goal til 2.12. [Starts at 133 time of pledge]

@icebaby20 - #MMDM  $1/ea start Hiller until the date of event  [Starting at 46 GP for Hiller]


@sarahdmc - I've got $2 for every point the #Flames earn during the month of February, plus $10 for a win at the Heritage Classic. [Starting at 54 pts]


Pledges for Briere, Giroux

@FlyersGirl05 -  I'm changing my donation for @ChiPucksCancer in honor of the Flyers. I'll donate $1 for every goal they score (thanks @inaneenglish). [Starts at 168 time of pledge]

@FlyersGirl05 - Since it's the All-Star break, I'll keep my donations going to @ChiPucksCancer. I'll add $1 for every goal Briere or Giroux scores. - Tally: ASG 3 G ($3)

@jponah - For every goal scored by the #Flyers, I will donate $1 until 2/12/11. Including goals by Briere or Giroux during #ASG  [Starting at 173] - Tally so far: ASG 3 G


None listed for this team yet


Pledge for Grabner

@ReinaDeLaIsla - okay, so @ChiPucksCancer ... I think I've made a choice. I'll pledge $1 for every goal @grabs40 scores from now till 2/28. :) #isles  [Starts at 14]


@icebaby20 - #MMDM for @ChiPucksCancer:  $1/ea start for Quick  until the date of event  [Start at 37 GS]

@LaurenWW - you got me for a dollar for every goal scored by the Kings during their "road" stretch... So until 2/24 [starting at 138 G]

@megums - I'm upping the ante on . Now $10 per Doughty goal AND $1 per #LAKings goal in February! Let's puck cancer! [Starts at Doughty 4 G, Kings 138 G]

@Motley_Su -  I'll join the fun. Since you have a Pens fan, i'll do the # LAKings - $1 per goal. $5 per shutout win btwn now and the event [Starts at 136 G time of pledge]


None listed for this team yet


@fergus30 - So until February 12th, I will donate $1 for each goal against the Leafs for @ChiPucksCancer. Thanks for the rec @theactivestick [Starting at 148]


Pledge forDubnyk

@icebaby20 -   put me in for $1 EDM for every start Dubnyk gets between now and the event  [Started at 15 GS]

@palindrome713 - 25¢ for any T. Hall assist. 50¢ for  Hall goal.  [Starts at Hall 16 G, 15 A]


None listed for this team yet


Pledges for Cooke, Staal, Kenndy, Fleury, Crosby, Orpik

@buySAMadrink -  Will donate $1 each for every goal scored by Matt Cooke, Jordan Staal and Tyler Kennedy :) [Starts at 9 for Cooke, 3 for JStaal, 7 for Kennedy time of pledge]

@camio87 -  Feb. 1-28, I'll donate 10¢ for every Fleury save and $1 for every Crosby point (if he's not playing, then Jordan Staal). [Starts at 951 saves for Fleury, 66 pts for Crosby, 7 pts for Staal time of pledge]

@PensN_CWGAP_Meg -  I'll take a leaf out of the others' books and donate $1 to @ChiPucksCancer for every goal scored by the Penguins between now and the event! [Starts at 150 time of pledge]

@PensN_CWGAP_Meg  - I'm adding $2 for Fleury's shutout and any future shutouts between now and the event

@PensN_CWGAP_Meg - I will add $10 to my donation for every goal Brooks Orpik scores.

@PensU_Nicole -  okay @buySAMadrink and I will donate $1 each for every goal scored by Matt Cooke, Jordan Staal and Tyler Kennedy :) [Starts at 9 for Cooke, 3 for JStaal, 7 for Kennedy time of pledge]


Pledge for Weber, Hornqvist

@trebek14 - I will pledge $2 for every point Shea Weber and Patric Hornqvist register in February. #Preds  [Starts at Weber 30, Hornqvist 27]


Pledge for Gaborik

@theannaenriquez -  I'll donate $1 for every goal scored by @MGaborik10 and $10 for any #NYR hat trick from now til March 1.  [Starts at 16G for Gaborik time of pledge]


@fvsports -  I will go .50 for every new follower, up to $100. --- plus he also added, Ok, we are always up for helping a good cause. If you can promise my #RedWings win the Cup I will donate $1,000.

@saraneuie -  Stealing from @inaneenglish, $1 for every Red Wing goal between now and the event, $2 for a Wings shorty [Starts at 161 G, 3 SHG time of pledge]


Pledges for Ennis, Myers, Miller

@qutaishat - I pledged $1/Ennis goal, $1/Myers assist, and $2/ Miller 30+ save game until 2/28.   [Starting at Ellis 0 G, Myers 15 A, Miller games starting 1/27]


None listed for this team yet


Pledges for Couture, Heatley, Thorton, Marleau, Niemi, Setoguchi

@meryddian - $1 per Setoguchi goal btwn 1/26 & 2/12 [Starts at 9]

@OhMySwed3 -  I'll join as well. $1 per goal scored by Logan Couture, Dany Heatley, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau scored now and between the event [Starts at Couture 22, Heatley 18, Thorton 13, Marleau 18 G time of pledge]

@The_FFF - Cool! Throwing my hat into that ring too: $25 for any Niemi shutout thru 2/12, $10 for any game where he allows 2 or fewer G


Pledges for Richards, Burish, Benn, Eriksson, Neal, Lehtonen

@KeepBradInBigD - I'll donate $1 for ever Loui Eriksson point in February & $5 per point in the All-Star Game! And for good measure I'll donate $2 for every James Neal goal through the end of February! [Starting at Eriksson 49 pts; Neal 20 G]

@kmk1486 -  I will donate $2 for every Brad Richards point the rest of the year! [Starts at 57 time of pledge]

@kmk1486 -  I'll also donate $1 for every Adam Burish blocked shot the rest of the season! [Starts at 61 time of pledge]

@taylordbaird -  In the month of February, $10 for every Jamie Benn point (goal or assist) and $50 if he scores a hat-trick. [Starts at 33 pts - 13G, 20A time of pledge]

@taylordbaird - Putting more #MOTB - $50 if Stars' Lehtonen gets a shutout in the month of February. He's due for one!! I believe! :)

@theannaenriquez - I'll donate $4 for every Burish goal scored when I see them on 2/11. 


@inaneenglish -  I'm pledging $1 to @ChiPucksCancer for every goal the Thrashers score between now and the event. What are you doing? [Starts at 148 time of pledge]

@inaneenglish - Since the Thrashers scored only 1 goal last night, I'm putting an extra $5 on the board for Pavelec's shutout.

@j_barty_party -  For every goal over 60, I will match it $2 for every dollar! How's that? #Thrashers fight cancer w/ drive to playoffs!


@brigid22 -  I'll put up $1 for every Cam Barker goal, assist and penalty minute from 2/1/11 to 2/28/11   #mnwild [Starting at 1G, 4A, 20 PIM]

@icebaby20 -  final pledge!  $1/start Jose Theodore MIN-now to event  [Start at 17 GS for Theodore]

@JosieMist - I'll pledge $1for every Havlat Goal until 2/28/11   [Starting at 14 G]

@ReynoldsSBN - $4 for Every Wild win until the event, $1 per Brent Burns goal. Minimum of $20 should neither happen.  for @EliseButler [Starting at 14 G]


@FvSports - $0.50 for every new follower for next week, up to $100

@GeekMisconduct -  I'm donating $10 to @ChiPucksCancer for Toews' inclusion on yesterday's winning relay team.   Today in ASG: $5 for every #Blackhawks players' goal(s), $1 for assists & $50 if any Hawks wins ASG MVP  - Tally: 2 G, 6 A, 1 MVP ($66)

@One4theDagger - ASG -  I got $10 if Team Lidstrom wins, and $20 if any current #Blackhawks player gets MVP, $5 if it is Byfuglien - Tally: Lidstrom won, Sharp got MVP ($30)

@crazygirlemy - okay. $1 for each goal scored by @Matt9Duchene or Pauly at the #ASG, $10 if the team either of them plays for wins! - Tally: 2 G; Duchene's team won ($12)

@RachelPolner -  Ok i'm in $1 each avs goal $2 shortie $5 each goal Matt Duchene scores in @nhl ASG up to let's say $50?  - Tally: Statsny 1 G, 1 A; Duchene 1 G ($7)

@Nimijneb18 -  I'm in for the same as @RachelPolner - Tally: Statsny 1 G, 1 A; Duchene 1 G ($7)

@RachelPolner - if Matt or Paulie or Shatty win any of the superskills, I'll also throw in $5 - Tally: Duchene won his round in speed skate, and his squad won in lefties round of Skills Challenge Relay ($5)

@ReinaDeLaIsla - Okay, since Grabner won an event tonight... I think I'll add an extra $3 to the cause :) 

@SAMotherPucker - Because Sharpie is MVP I will throw in $6 extra to @ChiPucksCancer ($6)

Countdown to the event: 12 days! 

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