Friday, December 17, 2010

More NHL commercials: looking at the Carolina Hurricanes

One of the fun parts of having NHL's Center Ice or GameCenter packages is that you get to see the commercials from around the league. While it's interesting to compare other markets' local merchants' commercials, the most fun is to see how different teams market themselves. I discussed this at the beginning of the month in my Building brand identity 30 seconds at a time post; I'll continue to post more as I find more commercials.

While watching the Carolina-Atlanta game tonight, I saw a fun commercial. It showed an old guy going down the sidewalk with a walkover. A label popped up onscreen: "Red Wings fan". Then an attractive 20-something woman in hot pink gear came speeding down the sidewalk on roller blades, with the label of "Caniacs fan". Couldn't find the video on YouTube, but there's plenty of Hurricane commercials to choose from.

Let's start with a 2009-10 commercial. The Hurricanes had a set of rather serious commercials with the tagline, "(attribute). It's a Caniac thing." Tuomo Ruuto was featured for "Intimidation"; Eric Staal for "Respect". I like the Cam Ward one, "Reverance", especially as you don't often see goalies featured in hockey commercials (or at least, not nearly often enough):

In North Carolina, especially the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), you just don't have sports without tailgating - especially college games. The Triangle is a hotbed of collegiate sports, being home to UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, NCSU, and just down the road, Wake Forest. This spot not only highlights Carolina's great tailgating tradition, but embraces the Hurricanes' Finnish guys, with forward Jussi Jokinen slapping a hunk of reindeer down on the barbie:

The following commercial has team Captain Eric Staal and write-in nominee Chad LaRose playing ping-pong and showing off their goal celebrations. It also serves to remind folks that the All-Star Game is coming to Raleigh this year. Also, LaRose riding his ping-pong paddle the way some players ride their sticks? So hilariously wrong, it's right.

Last but not least, a Caniacs commercial from last season that spoofs the intensity of beer commercials. It's goofy, it's campy, and you have hockey players jamming on guitars in full gear - including the goalie. They're also cracking up during the commercial, which says, "Hey! We're having fun!"

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