Monday, October 18, 2010

Chicago Blackhawks vs Buffalo Sabres, picture recap

Ryan Miller

Gotta admit that the primary reason I went to the Buffalo game was to see Ryan Miller play. Chicago only plays against Buffalo once a year; this year is a rarity with two games, and both of them coming early in the season. Was actually a bit disappointing to see Lalime instead of Miller in goal - when you only get to see an opponent maybe once a year, you really want to see their marquee players on the ice!

Ryan Miller, of course, is one of the top, if not the top goalie in the league right now, and garnered a lot of fans after the 2010 Olympics. He's amazing.  Also, I have to say that since I love photography so much, I thought it was cool to see the recent issue of Vanity Fair where Miller photographed several of his fellow NHLers. He's a good photographer, and it was just fun to see this different aspect of a player. His "questions will be answered" commercial is my favorite out of the bunch, mostly because of the "Oh yeah? We'll show *you*!"  look he gives into the camera at the very end:

Ryan Miller

Derek Roy

Derek Roy has been with the Sabres for several years now; he's also been on a couple different Canadian national teams. Very solid player.

Jordan Leopold (front), Rob Niedermayer (20)

Chris Butler (34), Jordan Leopold (3)

Tyler Ennis (63)

After some words earlier in the week by Patrick Kaleta (BUF) there was some concern that the Sabres players might want to retaliate for Niklas Hjalmarsson's (4) hit on Jason Pominville a few days ago. But Buffalo hit back in the best way they could: playing very solid and nearly beating the Blackhawks on Chicago ice. Probably not a brilliant idea to sort of threaten the other team, either - means that officials will have their eye on you during the game.

Duncan Keith, the iron man of the Blackhawks

Have you gotten tired of looking at that 4th Stanley Cup banner yet? 

Because I sure haven't.

The nets at both ends of the ice were off their moorings rather often.

Toews (19) and Butler (34), anxious to get out of the penalty boxes

Post-game scrum ... a little post-horn release, nothing major.

Top star of the game, Patrick Sharp!


  1. Nice site! I'm liking it a lot.
    FYI I saw the ? on the pic you thought might be Cody McCormick wanted to let you know it is Jordan Leopold. Both are former Avs players so readily recognizable by this Avs fan.

  2. Thanks for the correction! I was trying to figure it out based on the bit of a # I could see on his jersey, and I could eliminate who it wasn't by other photos - was down to McCormick or Leopold. :)

  3. I absolutely must commend you on that very first photo in the post, the full-face one of Ryan Miller. A truly terrific shot, worthy of any sports publication/website in the land. If it hasn't been borrowed and republished yet, I have to think that it will be!


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