Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Like hockey? Like photography?

Day 1/365: Bought my first ice skates of my very own this summer

Inspired by my friend Kat's Hockey 365 project, I asked her if she'd be interested in seeing it as a group project on Flickr. (What's better than hockey? More hockey!) 

She said yes, so a new Flickr group is born: Hockey365.

It's free to join, and if you like hockey and you like photography, we welcome you to join!

Group rules are pretty simple:

1. ALL PHOTOGRAPHY MUST BE ORIGINAL. Photos taken from team websites, etc. are not allowed. This is a personal 365 project for each participant, not a "share your favorite professional hockey photos" pool.

1b. Obvious exceptions are for example if you are posting a photograph of a photo you had signed, but in those cases, you should take the picture in such a way that you can see that it's a picture of a picture.

2. The goal is to post 1 picture per day to the group pool. Ideally, it is a picture you've taken within the past 24 hours.

3. It is understandable if you go on vacation or miss a day and post an extra shot or two to make up for missing, but do not post multiple pictures per day, every day, or you will be dropped from the group. (Group settings allow for 1 picture per day +3 extra within a week, so if you need to catch up for a couple days.)

4. Please include a description to go with your picture. It doesn't have to be an essay; but helps other members of the group know what they're looking at, especially if there's a great story behind what you're posting!

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