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Niemi articles from Finnish news sources (English translation)

Antti Niemi had his day with the Stanley Cup on Wednesday in Finland, visiting the ice rinks in Lahti (Pelicans) and Vantaa (his home city), where he had played on his road to the NHL. Niemi was also seen practicing earlier this week at Vantaa's Myyrmäen Arena, along with a number of other top Finnish players such as Teemu Selanne, readying for the upcoming NHL season and some off-season events.

Excellent video here: on Ilta-Sanomat's site for his appearance at Vantaa. (video in Finnish, of course.) Check out the very awesome classic car he rode in!

Niemi appears with the Cup at Lahti arena.
Filmed by fcfinlandia, as posted on YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: I did not write either of these articles; these are ONLY a rough translation, since their websites are not equipped with an English-page equivalent. The writing is not very smooth since the translation between Finnish and English is a bit rough, as well as Finnish writing being structured a little differently, and therefore my translation should not be quoted as a "source"! (These are not translated by a professional translator, in other words.)

Translated from the online version of

Headline: Antti Niemi: "I am not a victim."

 Antti Niemi wants to continue his career in the NHL.

Antti Niemi does not shudder, even though  he doesn’t have an agreement at this moment. Niemi will not continue next season in Chicago, although his team won the Stanley Cup with his goaltending. Niemi’s approximately three million dollar salary request was too much for the champion team that is wrestling with a salary cap.

Niemi is not bitter with Chicago, even though the possibility could be there. Among other things, Swedish defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson received a contract guaranteeing a $3.5M/year.

He doesn’t feel like a victim of the salary cap, Niemi commented.

It would have been interesting to see how it would have affected the situation, if the salary cap was not there, Niemi states.

Niemi is not worried about his situation, even though the options/alternatives are starting to run low.

"Of course, one prefers to transfer to a team that’s as good as possible. But also other things are deciding factors, such as goalie coaching."

* * *

The following are translated from the print edition of the Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat, so I do not have a link to an online copy of the original article. The picture below is a capture of the print edition.  

Again - rough translation from Finnish to English, do not quote as a source!

Antti Niemi, who won the Stanley Cup last spring, is preparing for
the new season in Vantaa, his home territory.

"It was a disappointment. I would have preferred to continue in Chicago."

NHL: last spring's Stanley Cup hero Antti Niemi is not worried about finding a new club.

Generally, there will be enough demand for heroes.

However, Antti Niemi, who won the championship with the Chicago Blackhawks after a 49-year lull, is an exception. The spring’s goalie hero’s contract situation is still unsettled.

"Negotiations with several NHL teams are taking place all the time and situation is changing daily. One day it seems like several teams are interested, and another day fewer are," Niemi said yesterday in Vantaa. NHL training camps will start in a few weeks. Niemi is not at all worried that they won’t find him a playing spot in the professional leagues.

"It isn’t scary, not at all. Now, just to have patience, a contract will come. It doesn’t pay to take just any offer," he stressed. One thing is certain in any case, Niemi is unhappy with his departure from Chicago.

"It was a disappointment. Chicago is a wonderful city and we had a great team. I would have preferred to continue in Chicago."

Niemi's contract extension with Chicago finally broke down in the end of July, when the team refused to take on Niemi with the $2.75 million annual contract dictated by the arbitrator. The amount was too large in proportion to Chicago’s salary cap.

"The salary cap certainly influenced the fact that the team wasn’t able to sign a contract with me. I don’t feel, however, that I was a victim to the salary cap, and I'm not bitter towards anybody," Niemi said.

For him, the NHL is still the only option. He believes a contract will come in the next few weeks, and will not even consent to consider options outside the NHL.

Russian’s KHL league doesn’t interest him at all. "If you played there for one year, you wouldn’t know at all what would come afterwards. Once you get into the NHL, you don’t want to leave immediately."  According to Niemi, a new team will bring challenges in any case.

"It may be that there isn’t available a spot for number one goalie right away. However, I am fully prepared to work to earn the number one goalie position. Also a new city and new people will bring their own challenges."

Niemi was asked how would it feel to play for the coming season in San Jose, where Antero Niittymäki was just acquired as goalie.

"Doesn’t sound so bad at all. What could be nicer than working with another Finn? But I don’t want to comment about contract business in any way," Niemi said.
* * *

Interview in Finnish at the Vantaa appearance, from Ilta-Sanomat's website:

More articles (in Finnish):
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