Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review of the new Stanley Cup 2010 DVD

The new Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup 2010 Champions DVD finally came out this week. This is, of course, the DVD that was already on sale on right about the same moment as Jonathan Toews was laying his first kiss on that famous silver trophy - which means fans had to wait about six weeks for it to arrive.

Has it been worth it? As a Blackhawks fan, sure. It's a condensed version of the 2010 post-season, boiled down to a couple hours worth of footage. It consists of the main "movie", and then includes bonus footage: the 2006 draft with Jonathan Toews, the 2007 draft with Patrick Kane, behind-the-scenes with the Cup, locker room celebration footage, and more coverage from the parade.

Watching the movie part is very enjoyable, especially as a Hawks fan; NHL studios did a good job of integrating game footage - both previously seen and extra; player, Coach Q, alumni, and front office interviews; and a voiceover narration. Player interviews included Toews, Kane, Byfuglien, Seabrook, Sharp, Fraser, Bolland, Versteeg, Ladd, and Burish. It's a touch bittersweet to know a few of those players got traded before the celebrations had even really cooled off, but it's good to see them on the DVD. It's fun to see more clips that didn't make it onto game-night broadcasts, both on and off the ice.

In fact, I wish there had been a lot more player interviews interspersed in the movie part - I wanted to see every single player on the team get some face time, because every single one of them contributed to the team hoisting the Cup. I wanted to see Hossa talk about his game 5-winning goal; I wanted to see Niemi talk about what it was like playing as a rookie in the Big Hockey Show; I wanted a chance to see all the players talk. 

The extra stuff was interesting. I liked seeing the locker room celebration, the interview with the Keeper of the Cup, and parade coverage. It was interesting to compare Toews and Kane's draft pieces. When you watch him, Toews is so composed and mature, you're forgetting this kid is only 18 or 19. Comfortable and un-self-conscious in front of the camera; rock-steady. It's kind of amazing when you realize Toews was chosen third of his draft class (behind Erik Johnson and Jordan Staal) - and he's the only one of his draft class to so far be elected as an NHL All-Star. And he's only going to get more exciting to watch - sometimes it's hard to remember that "Captain Serious" is only 22 and has plenty of years of growth as a player ahead of him.

Had I been designing this DVD, I would've made it a 3-disc DVD. The first two discs would've been the movie, plus the series-clinching games (Game 6 vs. Nashville; game 6 vs Vancouver; game 4 vs San Jose; game 6 vs Philadelphia). Disc three would've been all extras - Blackhawks game videos and BHTV videos; extra player interviews; the materials included as bonus material on the DVD; whatever else kind of fun extras could fit on there.

Maybe the NHL could create a deluxe (non-Blue Ray), extended edition.

EDIT 7/24 - thanks Big Apple Blackhawks for the heads-up; Amazon is listing an extended, 4-disc version of the Stanley Cup Champions DVD, due out October 5th. If the NHL is smart, since the United Center banner-raising ceremony is October 9th, they should push it back a week, and add footage of the ceremony. We'll see!
* * * 

Speaking of moments in Blackhawks history, Jeremy Roenick has been named to the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. A lot of old-time Blackhawks fans will tell you they feel Roenick should've been a Blackhawk for his whole career; you still see plenty of fans walking around in a 'ROENICK 27' jersey at games.

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