Monday, July 19, 2010

Pictures from the Stanley Cup DVD premiere at Navy Pier, 7/19

Brian Campbell, Dave Bolland, Patrick Sharp, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, and Tony Esposito were all on hand for the premiere of the "Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup 2010 Champions" DVD. Campbell, Bolland and Sharp will also be doing signings around Chicago the next few days.

Crowds at the IMAX

Brian Campbell

Dave Bolland

Patrick Sharp

I could tell when Sharp arrived, because a big squeal went up from the girls at the front of the crowd.  (Only a few days left til he's married, ladies, sorry!) Also, for those who keep asking why this pic is in B&W when the rest are in color: due to where I was standing, I really didn't get any good, clear shots of him. Every time I had a good shot lined up, this guy about four feet in front of me would manage to move and block it, so this was the only picture that came out mostly decent/full view of face, but too dark in color. After playing around with it in Photoshop Elements for a while, I decided it looked best in B&W and I was able to up the contrast a bit to make it more visible as well.

Tony Esposito

Stan Mikita

* * * * *

Later, Patrick Sharp was at the Best Buy at North and Clyborne for a midnight signing/release of the new DVDs. (see link above for Campbell and Bolland's signing dates/locations) He showed up a bit early, they got the line moving, and with strict rules in place - limit 2 DVDs per customer; only those DVDs would be signed - the line flew. The line that was wrapped all the way around the building (and it's a big building) was almost done by 12:30 am.

Just 10 days til the Blackhawks Convention!

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