Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More fun with numbers

Just because I enjoy looking at and analyzing these kind of statistics, I took the top 20 goalies in terms of number of games won during the 2009-2010 season, and computed their winning percentage. Sharing it here for those of you who enjoy these kind of things, too.

Some interesting things to note:

- Due to the number of games played (and subsequently won/lost) in the playoffs, there were some minor, 1-place shuffles between regular season win % ranks and combined regular/playoff win % ranks. However, the goalies with the top 4 win percentages remained consistant: 1. Niemi; 2. Theodore; 3. Nabokov; and 4. Bryzgalov.

- Michael Leighton, who made such an impression in the post-season, didn't win enough games in the regular season to qualify in the top 20. (Top 30, yes.) He played 34 regular season games, and combined total of 48 reg/playoff games, going 17-11 in the regular season and 8-3 in the playoffs for a total of 25-14, giving him a 50% regular season winning record and a 51.2% combined regular/playoff record. He was hot at the right time, but he was far from spectacular.

- Please shut up already about the possibility of bringing in Turco in as a cheap replacement for Niemi. He might show up here cheap, but his winning percentage was abysmal. No matter how good your defensive line is, the goalie is the ultimate and final say about what goes into that net. If the price for all three goalies was exactly the same, I'd pick Niemi first, Theodore second, and somewhere far far down the road, Turco.

# wins




GP incl




L incl

win %

win %
reg +
17Antti NiemiCHI39614242111766.768.9
15Jose TheodoreWSH47493030141563.861.2
2Evgeni NabokovSJS7186525226336260.5
3Ilya BryzgalovPHX69764545263060.859.2
4Ryan MillerBUF69754343263059.457.3
5Roberto LuongoVAN68804646263258.857.5
8Jimmy HowardDET63754242253258.756
1Martin BrodeurNJD77824646313558.456.1
18Jaroslav HalakMTL45633535182757.855.5
12Pekka RinneNSH58643434212555.253.1
9Marc-Andre FleuryPIT67804444273355.255
19Cristobal HuetCHI48492626181854.253
6Jonathan QuickLAK7278414131355452.6
7Craig AndersonCOL71774040323653.552
16Brian ElliottOTT55593030222452.750.8
14Jonas Hiller *ANA59-30-27-50.8-
13Chris Mason *STL61-30-30-49.2-
11Henrik Lundqvist *NYR73-35-37-47.9-
10Miikka Kiprusoff *CGY73-35-38-47.9-
20Niklas Backstrom *MIN60-26-31-43.3-

* = team did not qualify for playoffs


  1. HB,
    I love your tweets and your passion for Niemi but we will just agree to disagree on this one.

    Theo cant stop a beach ball either. Lets be honest. Talk about winning percentage ALL you want, these stats do not hold water....There is a reason that the most common stats are GAA and SV%. Turco had a better regular season SV % than Niemi and played way more games and faced way more shots.

    ....and a side note, is there a stat for rebound percentage, I'd be scared on that one


  2. Hi, J_Rub. Take a look at HB's Jul. 13 post, which contains a lot more of Niemi's numbers than W/L. It's an interesting comparison.

    Here are Turco's regular-season numbers: GAA 2.72, GPl 53, SV% .913, SA 1,605, SO 4 (7.5%).

    Niemi's regular season: GAA 2.25, GPl 39, SV% .912, SA 936, SO 7 (17.9%)

    If you add the playoffs, Niemi's totals come out to: GAA 2.39, GPl 61, SV% .911, SA 1,591, SO 9 (14.8%).

    Ultimately, I think we're talking about less differences than you might think.

  3. Sorry, I just noticed there's a typo in my comment (2nd anon) -- adding the playoff games, Niemi's total SA was 1,581 (not 1,591).


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