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English translation of 2 Finnish interviews

DISCLAIMER: I did not write either of these articles; these are ONLY a rough translation, since their websites are not equipped with an English-page equivalent. 

The writing is not very smooth since the translation between Finnish and English is a bit rough, and therefore my translation should not be quoted as a source!

This is a rough English translation of the Antti Niemi article by

Antti Niemi, who is vacationing in Finland at this time, hopes that he will get an extended contract with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Niemi, the first Finnish goalie who won the NHL championship Stanley Cup, believes that Chicago is building a dynasty.

"I can see Chicago being able to rise to become a new dynasty  just because Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith have long contracts.  They are going to stay in Chicago for a long time and, as young players, they all will still get better," Niemi says.

Niemi’s own contract ended, but Chicago still has rights to him. The team has great difficulties to fit in the players’ budget below the salary cap, which has also has delayed Niemi’s contract extension. His contract being in arbitration, Niemi hopes to continue in Chicago.

"I hope my career will continue in Chicago, but I cannot say what will happen. I don’t have to worry about the future, but you don’t really know who will end up signing the contract.  I hope we will reach some kind of agreement," Niemi says.

"All the most important pieces received long contracts.  Quite a few important players also ended up leaving, but if the young and replacement players are able to fill their (leaving players) roles, I believe that our team will continue to make an impact in the future. In one year so many positive things can happen.”

Niemi won the Stanley Cup as the eighth Finnish player to do so, during his rookie year.  The Cinderella Story is looking for its equal, and the guy from Vantaa who rose to be #1 goalie in the middle of the season wouldn’t believe he was going to win the championship in the beginning of the season.

"I wouldn’t have believed in the beginning of the season and not really even later.  An unbelievable luck was with me so that this happened and especially this fast," Niemi acknowledges. "I worked hard for this, but in one year so many positive things can happen.  It was great that this thing was able to happen. If one thinks of from which situation the season started, the situation is unbelievable."

Niemi, who in August is going to show off the Cup in Lahti and Vantaa, described the feelings after the championship as mixed.

"At first it was difficult even to understand what had been achieved. At first one almost didn’t remember that we have won the Stanley Cup. Every once in a while it came to mind that yeah, we won it. Now things are like you don’t really think about it, contemplate it," Niemi smiles.

This is a rough translation of the Antti Niemi article by Ilta-Sanomat:

The Stanley Cup championship of the Chicago Blackhawks has caused a tremendous commotion  in North America. The festivities have not solely remained behind the pond – they have landed on the shores of the cold North. 

This has also been noticed by the championship team's Finnish goalie Antti Niemi.

"It feels like the cell phone is ringing all the time.  I don’t even feel like answering all the calls," Niemi chuckles. "I would like to throw the whole phone in the trash and go hiking in Lapland."

Calm Niemi has been torn apart in all directions after the guy from Vantaa returned the Cup to Chicago after a wait of 49 years with his goalkeeping. In Finland the craziness has not been as overwhelming, but there has been enough congratulators also.

"You can mind your own business pretty much.  But sometimes in the oddest places somebody comes by to say hi," says an astonished Niemi.

The Stanley Cup is known to arrive in Finland in the end of summer, but nobody seems to know of Niemi’s plans with the Cup

Maybe the man himself doesn’t know?

"Well…let’s see.  Nothing has been finalized.  24 hours is a pretty short time, but I probably will bring it to Lahti for show.  And after that to Vantaa."

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