Saturday, June 12, 2010


Joel Quenneville was a defenseman on the Hartford Whalers, my team of choice, when I first started following hockey in the early 1980s. During his years with the club, the Whalers got the closest to the Cup they'd see until 1992. A couple years later, the Whalers moved to Hartford and became the Hurricanes. My favorite player, Kevin Dineen, left the Whalers the summer that I moved to Chicago (1999) - and that was the point that marked my transition to Blackhawks fan. 

Since the Whalers had never been in serious contention for the Cup, it was special, yet a little touch bittersweet, for me to watch the Hurricanes win the Cup in 2006. Andrew Ladd - now #16 on the Blackhawks - was on that Carolina team in '06. I got to meet him briefly on Thursday, and was glad to be able to tell him how much both Cups meant to me as a fan.

Quenneville has coached the Blackhawks for the past two years, and of course led them to their Stanley Cup victory this year.

Jonathan Toews addresses the crowd at the rally after the celebration parade.

Love hearing the entire street filled with people singing along to "Chelsea Dagger" at the end.

Fan-made video by  Tim Schavitz of Critical Mass ( Time lapse of Michigan Avenue, looking over the area where the parade and rally was held. Amazing. The whole thing is interesting, but watch especially after the 1:45 mark.

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  1. Winning the Cup is awesome. I go back to the loss in '71 and playing street hockey with that rock hard orange street hockey ball where I grew up in Logan Square. Now, we need to take advantage of our talented nucleus of young players and win a couple more in the coming years. You have a great blog and you're a dedicated fan. LETS GO HAWKS!


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