Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How loud are hockey fans? Don't forget your earplugs.

The NHL decided to track just how loud the arenas get during the Stanley Cup Final games. Here are their decibel readings from NHL.com for games 1-5
So far, the United Center wins in the loud department, with sustained readings in the 115-122 db range during the National Athem.

Game 1 - United Center
Average: 108.9 db
Loudest reading: 121 db (National Anthem, pre-game)
Quietest point: 91 db (organist practicing pre-game)

Game 2 - United Center
Average: 106.74 db
Loudest reading: 122 db (National Anthem, pre-game)
Quietest point: 97 db (music blaring during warmups)

Game 3 - Wachovia Center
Average: 105.5 db
Loudest reading: 114 db (crowd cheering as "God Bless America" concludes, tied with Giroux scoring GWG, 5:59 into OT)
Quietest point: 90 db (Kane scores on breakaway, 3rd-2:50)

Game 4 - Wachovia Center
Average: 105.2 db
Loudest reading: 118 db (empty net goal by Carter, 3rd-14:00)
Quietest point: 94 db (boos for Sharp's goal)

Game 5 - United Center
Average: 106.1 db
Loudest reading: 119 db (empty net goal by Byfuglien, 3rd-17:55)
Quietest point: 98 db (3x-tie: early Buff rush 1st-1:14; booing Pronger in 1st-6:15; crowd oohing as puck goes past Niemi 1st-16:00)

Don't forget your earplugs. The NHL.com site notes:
Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss: 90 - 95dB
Pain begins: 125dB 

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