Monday, June 14, 2010

Hockey gamer glee

Ok, my not-so-inner hockey geek/gamer geek is grinning along with this EA NHL 11 preview, because it's fun that they put stuff like broken sticks into the game. My super-huge-inner-gamer nerd is waiting for the Wii hockey game.

And I think it's just impossible for me to think of hockey video games without thinking of the scene from Swingers:

omg, look how young Vince Vaughn looks in this.

Trent: I wish they still had fights in this game so I could bitch-slap Wayne.
Mike: What? They don't have fighting anymore?
Trent: Doesn't that suck?
Mike: Why'd they get rid of the fighting? It was the best part of the old version.
Sue: I think kids were hittin' each other or somethin', man.
Trent: Yeah but you know what, Mike? You can make their heads bleed in this one.
Mike: Make somebody's head bleed.
Sue: No man, we're in the playoffs.

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