Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ever wondered what it'd be like the guard the Cup?

What job could possibly be cooler than being the Keeper of the Cup? Melissa Isaacson of ESPN interviewed Mike Bolt, who has held that honor for the past 11 years and seen it all.

He didn't even have to be prodded into raving about the reception the Cup has received in Chicago.  "Everywhere you go, whether it's New Jersey or wherever, teams say, 'You guys are the greatest fans ever,' and they should be thanking their fans," Bolt said. "But to be honest, in my 11 years I haven't experienced anything even close to Chicago. Detroit and Colorado were pretty wild, but Chicago has been unbelievable. We can't go anywhere without being mobbed." - ESPN

That's what happens when you go 49 years without seeing the most beautiful trophy in sports - and when your team is so thankful to their fans and their city that they have publicly stated that it's their way to give back to the fans by carrying the Cup all over town. 

Thank you, guys. 

Follow on Twitter where the Cup goes at @wheresthecup.


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