Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Blackhawks: thank you for so willingly sharing Lord Stanley with your fans

There's more to tell about The Day After, and I have plenty of pictures.

This one is my favorite. The Blackhawks were at Rockit down in River North, and a bunch of them were getting on their party limo-bus to go somewhere else. The Stanley Cup was already on the bus, but Kris Versteeg got it, got back off the bus, and carried it around to the fans. (That's his hands you see gripping the bowl and the base.)

Whoever could manage to reach for it lay their hands or fingers briefly upon it, including me. (Yay!)

They also went to Market (Restaurant Row area in West Loop), then up to Stanley's in Lincoln Park, and then later to Underground in River North (where I got to touch the Cup again, yay x2!). 

Thank you, guys, for being so great with your fans, and especially to so openly and willingly share the greatest trophy in all of sports on this, of all days. You give us great memory after great memory.

Can't wait for next season.  

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