Tuesday, June 8, 2010

By the numbers

The Flyers coach cagily refused to answer who his starting goalie for Game 6 would be, although pretty much everybody assumes it'll be Leighton. It probably doesn't make much difference one way or another; the Flyers' goal crease has been a rotating door this season, and it's the defense that's made more of a difference more than the goalie.

Laviolette did however state that his goalie "has the best numbers in the playoffs". Well, Coach, depends on exactly which numbers you're talking about, and if by "in the playoffs", you mean "the entire playoffs til now" or "still remaining in the playoffs".

Here's a look at the numbers (Source: Goalie Guild's Beast Tracker). Those goalies in this list had to have played at least 3 games in the playoffs. If the top goalie has been eliminated, I (noted) the season's remaining goalies in comparison.

Best win/loss record: Niemi, 14-6
Goals allowed: Leighton, 2.14
Save %: Anderson, .933 (Leighton .924, Boucher .915, Niemi .914)
Road save %: LeClaire, .949  (Boucher .921, Niemi, .920, Leighton .893)
SH save %: Leighton, .924
Up 1 goal: Leighton, .963
Down 1 goal: Rinne, .943 (Boucher .909, Niemi .896, Leighton .818)
1st period: Anderson, .966 (Leighton .927, Boucher .904, Niemi .886)
2nd period: Varlamov, .945 (Boucher .932, Leighton .928, Niemi .912)
3rd period: Luongo, .987 (Niemi .940, Leighton .913, Boucher .896)
Niemi's numbers were much better going into this round; and Leighton and Boucher have played about 10 games apiece. So it's amazing what 40 goals on the sheets can do to statistics.

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