Sunday, May 2, 2010

Round 2, Game 1 - Blackhawks vs Canucks - the fans

NHL Network is reshowing last night's mess, so I'm watching that as I write up my recap and discussion. In the meantime, here's a bunch of pictures of fans prior to the game.

My favorite fans of the night. I know I've seen the guy on the right before - you don't forget a look like that - but this was the first time I'd seen somebody in full Indian-chief gear.

One of my favorite parts of the PHX-DET series was that at PHX home games, the Coyotes ran White-Out costume contests. People showed up at games in full costume just in hopes of winning tickets to get in to see the game. (Are you listening, Blackhawks marketing?)

Nice pair of friends outside the UC: one a Blackhawks fan, the other a Canucks fan. If you're wondering what that strange jersey the guy on the right is wearing, it's a vintage 1978-1984 era Canucks jersey. Oddly enough, as eye-piercing as it is (and so very, very disco-era design), that jersey helped inspire some equally ... colorful jerseys around the league.

Personally, I love his choice of hat to go with the jersey. He's workin' it.

Father-son pair, showing a sense of fun in their team support.

A friendly pair of Canucks fans. These were actually the first guys I spotted wearing modern-era Canucks jerseys. They were very nice to talk to and were in good spirits to see the game here.

I only saw about a dozen before the game; later I saw a bunch more, which made me wonder if people stuck theirs in their bag and only pulled them out once it was clear the Canucks were winning. I did see people in blue shirts, so in the sea of red and white Chicago jerseys, I had to assume those were Canucks fans.

Here's my view about watching your favorite team on the road: show your pride, wear your team's jersey or t-shirt. Yeah, even if you're a Detroit fan in Chicago. One of my favorite pictures from the last few years is a lone Blackhawks fan seated in the midst of a sea of Calgary jerseys. Be THAT guy.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that booing the other team's fans is uncool. Yeah, I know, rivalries, blah blah. Take the high road, be classy, be welcoming. That's probably the one thing I dislike about going to Chicago sporting events, seeing fans boo fans who're wearing opposing jerseys. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority with that opinion, but I'll hold onto it. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, jerk, who was waving a hand sign behind these guys as I took the shot. Took you out with the power of crop.)

Group of enthusiastic fans. I was actually surprised not to see more people sporting face paint or anything for the game. (I had red and white stripes painted on.)

And, of course, an impressive playoff beard.

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