Monday, April 19, 2010

Tell me your hockey stories

Hard to believe, but my blog just passed its one-month anniversary yesterday, and I was happy to celebrate that with a day full of awesome hockey (and of course, a Blackhawks win). (I don't know if I should be thrilled or not that in one month, I've already managed more regular readers and Twitter followers on my hockey blog than I've done in three years of work on my travel/photography blog... yikes!)

I told you my story; I want to hear yours: What got you into hockey? Who's your favorite player(s)? Tell me a favorite hockey memory of yours.


  1. My Dad took me to a Blackhawks game at the old stadium when I was 10. After experiencing the National Anthem, I was in awe. The fans were so fired up throughout the whole game and I was hooked for life. Hockey is definitely the greatest, most exciting sport ever. If only those who haven't given it a chance knew what they were missing!!!

  2. I would've loved to have seen a game at the old Chicago Stadium. :)

  3. A favorite memory: Sometime in the 1990s, I was visiting Detroit and my friend Jim took me to a Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena. Our seats were directly behind a goal, about a dozen rows from the ice. A penalty shot was called in the Wings' favor. This was before the NHL adopted the shootout (adopted in 2005), so the only time one saw this kind of one-on-one action was in the rare event of a penalty shot. The opposing goalie was at our end of the ice, directly in front of us. The shooter was the Red Wings' Igor Larionov. He skated in, faked the forehand, and flipped an almost delicate backhand over the sprawled goalie and into the net. It is the only penalty shot I have seen live to date, and it was a thing of beauty!


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