Saturday, April 10, 2010

Signs that Blackhawks fans might be a LITTLE bit excited about the playoffs

Granted, Evanston is a college town, but I was up there today doing a little shopping, having lunch, going to a movie. A good afternoon out on a be-e-yoo-ti-ful day, as Bruce Almighty would say. I was wearing my Niemi #31 t-shirt today, which made for a colorful afternoon.
- The checkout girl at the pet store got so excited talking about tomorrow's Detroit game and the playoffs, I had to remind her to bag my cans of cat food.
- Had somebody yell, "NIEMI!" (a la Foley) out a moving vehicle at me, followed by a "WOOOOOO, BLACKHAWKS!"
It's like discovering all the secret hockey fans ... everybody has an opinion about baseball teams in Chicago, but unless it's hockey game day, it's a bit harder to find the hockey fans.

What I always have a hard time not-laughing at, is, when I'm wearing one of my Blackhawks shirts/jerseys, and somebody will ask me, "You a hockey fan?" Hey - just because I'm female doesn't mean that I borrowed my bf's shirt, ok? (Besides, my bf is an Islanders fan, and he'd be the first one to admit his team isn't doing so hot.) I have to bite my tongue and not say a here's-your-sign-smartass comeback. 
Besides, when somebody's asking you that, you can almost see the relief on their face when you tell them you are, and they start talking hockey.
Well, Chicago, the Blackhawks are kickin' butt and taking names - and providing a lot more excitement than our "big" sports in town have for the past few years.

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