Thursday, April 22, 2010

Niemi gets 2nd shutout as Blackhawks win 3-0

First: Damn, Soupy. Didn't expect you to be back on the ice yet but THAT is team dedication and you looked good. Brian Campbell, you are the man.

Second: Patrick Sharp, star of the night (and recipient of The Belt) with two goals, with that second one absolutely gorgeous. Jonathan Toews had the other goal of the night.

Third: Antti Niemi bagged his second shutout of the series. Mark that down: rookie goaltender, two shutouts in his first four NHL playoff games ever. From the Blackhawks official Twitter stream: "The last time the Hawks had 2 shutouts in a series was 1974 vs. LA (Tony Esposito)." 

The team in general played MUCH better this game: more energy, much better on completing passes, racing to get up to the crease to catch rebounds. I doubt it will be possible to call any games against Nashville "pretty", but the results are what we want: another win on the Hawks' tally, bringing the series to 2-2, and now they head back to the United Center for a Saturday afternoon game that'll be carried on NBC. (2pm CT for those of you looking to see it.)
You can do it, Blackhawks. Rock the UC on Saturday. Can't wait to watch!

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