Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holy night of upsets, Batman!

To quote the late, great Harry Caray: "HOLY COW!"

Did all the top-seed teams show up and just think they were going to skate all over the guys who barely squeaked into the playoffs?

I saw most of the 1st and 3rd periods of the Pens/Sens game, almost all of the Coyotes/Wings game, and the last period of Sharks/Avalanche. (What's better than hockey? More hockey!) I didn't catch the NJ/Flyers game so I can't speak for that game, but there were points in the Pittsburgh/Ottawa and San Jose/Colorado games where I thought one of the teams was napping on the ice. 

I think Detroit showed up to play and didn't expect an easy time of it, yet still looked surprised as the Coyotes moved into winning position in the third period. Also? Snakes on the plane ice FTW - loved it.

Still, overall, a very exciting night of hockey, and lessons for the other eight teams who have yet to play to learn from. Does it make me nervous, being a fan of a top-seeded team, after watching all these other high-seed teams lose tonight? No. I have faith in my team; I know they can play well.

Did you see that ending in San Jose? Avalance scores the winning point with 0:49 left on the clock. Just goes to show - no matter what the statistics look like, you can never really accurately predict the playoffs.

Going to be a very, very thrilling ride all the way down the line to the last game when somebody hoists that Cup and skates it around the rink.

* * *

Also, on a side note: I know and understand the reasoning/idea behind the "white out" demonstrated at the Penguins and Coyotes' arenas. Here's what continues to baffle me, years later: generally, the visiting team wears white for the games. So when I'm looking at an arena full of white shirts, it feels like an awful lot of visitor's fans showed up. How does that help psyche out the visitors? I guess it may be meant to camoflage white shirts worn by visiting fans and turn it all into one big white mass, but ... ok, whatever.

I'd rather see a Blackhawks "red out" any day of the week. But maybe that's just me.


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