Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Five reasons hockey players are tougher than other athletes

5. The worst player in the NHL is probably in better shape than some of the best athletes in other pro sports. Some baseball players look flat-out winded after a sprint to first.

4. You can have a spectacular wipeout in front of the net and still make the goal - and then the whole arena applauds you for your spectacular effort, and you'll get on the "Amazing plays of the week" video reel to boot.

3. Weather delays/cancellations? Pfffft. The colder the better, baby. Hockey games aren't canceled for anything so trivial as a little rain or snow. The roof would probably have to blow off the top of the stadium, and even then, there'd probably only be a brief delay while debris was cleared off the playing area by the Ice Girls.

2. "Taking one for the team" might mean a puck to the face and broken teeth. Hockey players will stay in the game with incredible injuries - broken bones, cuts, bruised ribs, you name it - anything short of body parts being cut off. Scars are a sign of honor; and players will do anything to get back out on the ice ASAP after an injury.

1. Name any other sport where you must have the grace of a dancer, the speed of a gazelle, the stamina of a marathon runner, and they play the game on a surface that has the flexibility of cement, with a club in everyone's hands, and what are essentially two knife blades on everybody's feet. You think you're badass? You don't play hockey.

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