Friday, April 30, 2010

Brent Sopel and Chuck Norris: Separated at birth?

If you're not on Twitter - and if you're not a Blackhawks fan - you might have missed today's nod to the Blackhawks' D-Man and master of blocking, Brent Sopel!:

Brent Sopel

hockeenight - Brent Sopel already has the Hart Trophy. Just nobody knows it yet.

AndrewCieslak - You mean the Sopel Trophy? They renamed it.

hockeenight - Knowing the awesomeness that lay ahead, the "S" in Harry S. Truman stands for #Sopel  

hockeenight - #Sopel would have blocked the Titanic from the iceberg.

hockeenight - If #Sopel had been there, he would have blocked the shots from the Grassy Knoll.

hockeenight - If AZ really wanted to stop people from crossing the Border, they'd just have #Sopel block them all.

hockeenight - #Sopel has 2 lockers. The other one is for his hair.

dkurtenbach - As an ode to @hockeenight -   If the GOP had #Sopel , they would have blocked health care reform.

dkurtenbach - the national guard is calling in Brent Sopel to block the spread of the Gulf Coast oil slick.

AndrewCieslak - That's right- we're talking about what used to be the Hart Trophy RT @hockeenight - They renamed it the #Sopel

hockeenight - #Sopel eats opponents shots like Wellwood eats pizzas

hockeenight - #Sopel can block traffic at the Indy 500.

hockeenight - By popular demand, CHI area Arthur Murrays are teaching the #Sopel penalty killing dance.

hockeenight - Guns don't kill people, but #Sopel kills penalties.

blinkfink182 - #Sopel blocks pucks like Tea Bagging Republicans block useful legislation.

jim_neveau - Sopel is so powerful that he blocks out the Sun, but then it gets too cold, and so creates another Sun.

hockeenight - #Sopel can block Lindsay Lohan from an open bar.

hockeenight - #Sopel cuts a knotch into his stick for every shot he blocks. That's why it always snaps as he goes for slapshots.

blinkfink182 - #Sopel can block Ovechkin from the Stanley Cup... oh, wait...

blinkfink182 - #Sopel doesn't look like a drunken wolverine, drunken wolverines look like #Sopel

hockeenight - #Sopel can block a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.

blinkfink182 - @hockeenight - Even #Sopel can't do that

AndrewCieslak - #Sopel doesn't look both ways when he crosses the road.

HockeyBroad - Special #FF shout to @hockeenight - who is on a #Sopel nee Chuck Norris run today. (In Soviet Union, Sopel still blocks you.)

hockeenight - #Sopel blocks shots like Wellwood blocks arteries

hockeenight - The sun never sets in Chicago. #Sopel just blocks it so we can get some sleep.

hockeenight - Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house - until #Sopel blocked her view.

AndrewCieslak - If #Sopel were here, he could block me from having to go shopping.

hockeenight - If you're low on dough, have #Sopel block the pizza guy from getting to you in 30 min. Free pizza!

stevewsop - How is #Sopel not trending yet in Chicago? Work it, folks. Or has #Sopel blocked twitter's ability to display his hashtag?

BlackhawksDL - @hockeenight - You're on fire with these. I don't see it stopping any time soon, since #Sopel is blocking the fire lane.

BlackhawksDL - I have an idea - how about FEMA sends #Sopel to block the oil leak near Louisiana?

hockeenight - #Sopel can mash the two Sedins' 8-heads into one 16-head.

hockeenight - The answer, of course, is #Sopel RT @PHTonNBC: New PHT - Who's more valuable, Sidney Crosby or Jaroslav Halak?

stevewsop - In other news, Steve Jobs has hired #Sopel to block Adobe products from getting on the iPhone.

stevewsop - Come on @NHLBlackhawks encourage the #Sopel trend! I heard he's going to start blocking for the Bears on his off days.

hockeenight - Zod kneels before #Sopel  

hockeenight - Since there's no phonebooths left in CHI, #Sopel can't change back to his secret identity.

hockeenight - CCR should have asked me. I'd tell them #Sopel will stop the rain.

SallyEclectic - @hockeenight - Can #Sopel please block the dust so I don't have to clean house?

AndrewCieslak - RT @hockeenight - The only form of birth control proven to be 100% effective is #Sopel  

hockeenight - #Sopel can get the Beatles back together. Even the dead ones.

BlackhawksDL - Instead of fighting Google, China plans on using #Sopel as their website blocker.

blinkfink182 - Only #Sopel could stop @hockeenight - from making more #Sopel jokes

blinkfink182 - My train just stopped dead. #Sopel was on the tracks

Hockeyoverdose - #Fact Freddy Kruger has nightmares of Sopel!

blinkfink182 - #Sopel , Hammer Time!

Hockeyoverdose - Sopel Condoms coming to a store near you, it wall block all ur shots!

blinkfink182 - #Sopel is Jack Bauer's and Chuck Norris' illegitimate child.

blinkfink182 - Only #Sopel can stop forest fires

blinkfink182 - We don't "stop in the name of love", but in the name of #Sopel

hockeenight - The only reason #Sopel has an inaccurate shot is because God doesn't want the competition.

hockeenight - If #Sopel had Jack Bauer's job, the show would be called "5".

blinkfink182 - Forget a Kevlar vest, I want a #Sopel vest.

bladesoffunny - If Spinal Tap was a hockey player, it would be #Sopel

hockeenight - Power failure in Glenview. Just #Sopel getting a quick workout.

MGRW - #Sopel calls come up blocked, even though he didn't dial #67

MGRW - Before #Sopel became a client, the tax preparer was simply known as H & R.

MGRW - #Sopel shall be known as the Blockness Monster.

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  1. MGRW - Before #Sopel became a client, the tax preparer was simply known as H & R.

    by far, my absolute favorite hahahahahaha


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