Sunday, April 25, 2010

As the first eliminations shake out, a look at the week ahead

Well, let's see how my predictions are shaking out so far, since now there's been a few eliminations made:

- Flyers down in five.

Heh, my bad - Devils down in five. Did anybody see that one coming?

- Penguins over Senators in 7; possible upset.

Well, I got the "possible upset" part right, but Pens took the Sens in six.

- Sharks in six.

Got that one right, at least.

There's been nothing predictable about this year's playoffs. Teams that weren't even "supposed" to be here today be in the playoffs have been giving top-seeded teams a serious run for their money.

Sunday is certainly going to be very exciting and may see two thrilling match-ups push out to the seventh game of the series:

- Detroit and Phoenix head to Motor City for game 6;

- The Canucks and Kings are taking it to LA for game 6;

Monday night will offer far more excitement than Monday Night Football as three of the most adrenalin-fueled pairings hit game six:

- Boston will be battling to pull out a 4th win against Buffalo;

- Chicago returns to Nashville with hopes to close out the series;

- And in perhaps what is the most amazing story of round one, the Caps and Habs take it back to Montreal for game 6.

What a year to be a hockey fan. People who aren't fans of hockey: you don't know what you're missing!

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