Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is it about the mouthpiece?

I love that Neil Everett of ESPN Sports Center actually asked Kane, "What is it with the mouthpiece?" (4:37)

Have wondered that often myself.

* * *

Today's main NHL headline: "
NHL May Prohibit Blind-Side Head Checks This Season" (NY Times).

While there is a share of hockey players who seem to write off these kinds of actions as "part of the game", most fans cry foul over seeing those kind of acts on the ice. It's not exactly what one would call "sporting" to give somebody else a concussion or broken bones. General Managers are pushing to get the blind-side rule implemented this season, and I say, the quicker, the better.

The NHL Player's Association has long been in favor of the ban. And really, why wouldn't they be? A bad check to the head can, at "best", put you out of play for a few games; at worst, could stop your career cold or even potentially kill a player. Anybody who watches last night's Hawks vs. Ducks game can see it for themselves:
Wisniewski hitting Seabrook, and the stunned look on Seabrook's face before he crumpled to the ice.

A two-minute penalty isn't enough for this kind of brutal play. Players executing that kind of check should be tossed out for the rest of the game, minimum.