Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank you, NHL, for doing the right thing

Anaheim Ducks player James Wisniewski was suspended 8 games without pay for his actions against Brent Seabrook in Wednesday night's game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

According to the article on
"Mr. Wisniewski delivered a retaliatory hit to the head of an opponent who never had possession of the puck," said Colin Campbell, NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations. "The fact that Mr. Wisniewski is a repeat offender also entered into this decison."
It's obviously a stricter sentence than fellow repeat offender Alex Ovechkin got earlier in the week, for his actions against Brian Campbell, but it sends a clear message to the players of the National Hockey League: their conduct is being watched, and the League isn't going to put up with retributional or unsportsmanlike play.

It's interesting to note that Ovechkin protested his ruling - a mere two games - as being excessive, and now Wisniewski is doing the same. They both of course tried their best to appear contrite about what happened in the games.

"I am truly sorry that my friend Brent Seabrook was hurt on the play," Wisniewski said in a statement released by the Ducks.

Oh, really? If that's the case, you have a weird definition of friendship, Mr. Wisniewski. I don't think many people would call somebody a "friend" after that person came up and knocked them out cold.


  1. i gotta say, even tho you may think you know seabrook more than Wisniewski, and I know this post is old.. but i hate to break it to ya but hockey is something we like to call a contact sport... and even if your friend plays for the other team, you hit the other jerseys, split second decision... it turns out bad.. but they actually are friends

  2. You're not "breaking anything" to me to tell me hockey is a contact sport. There's clean/legal hits, and there's intentional hits to the head that left somebody out cold on the ice.

    I don't claim to know either Seabrook or Wisniewski. Never have. I know there has been discussion this summer how they're still friends and I'm sure that's true.


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