Sunday, March 28, 2010

Great hockey quote

Just got a book last week called Hockey: A People's History, by Michael McKinley. (There's apparently a DVD that goes along with it, but I had stumbled upon the book and didn't realize about the DVD til later.)

There is a quote in the prologue that speaks to the Canadian identity being so strongly tied up with hockey, but I think it is true, regardless of your nationality, and why hockey is such a great sport to watch (or play):

"From its earliest days, hockey has found a way to rouse Canadian passion, for its heat and speed offer relief from the freezing inertia of winter and the promise of life in the season of death."

Hmm... that quote makes me feel like I need to go pop in Mystery, Alaska, before the Blackhawks game tonight.

By the way, if you like my new background for my blog, it's available for free download over at my Flickr stream; there are two variations.

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