Saturday, March 27, 2010


For those of you actually feeling worried about the Blackhawks' goalie situation... keep in mind there are plenty of "non-playoffs-experienced" goalies around the NHL right now.

And, as ever, any win or loss is a team win or loss. A goalie would need to be some kind of amazing goalie-god to still salvage a game if the team in front of him was playing terribly. Likewise, a goalie can have an off night, but the team play so great that they still win.

Hockey is a team sport. But one of the reasons that my favorite hockey players are generally the goalies is this: the goalies log more ice time per game than any other player on the team, which means that a lot of team confidence comes out of what the team is seeing in the net. It's pretty rare to see a goalie be a Captain; but like the Captain, the goalie must help inspire his team by being inspiring between the pipes, so the team can feel confident that if the puck gets past them, the goalie is going to be there to stop it cold.

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