Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Facing the Blues in STL tonight

The Finnish Fortress is in the net tonight, and here is hoping for some rock-'em, sock-'em, show-us-fans-the-team-we-know-and-love action this evening.

Hawks vs. the Blues - so far this season:
12/16 - Home - Chicago win, 3-0 (Huet)
1/2 - Away - Chicago win, 6-3 (Huet)
2/3 - Home - Blues win, 3-2 (Huet)
3/6 - Away - Chicago win, 2-1 (Niemi)

I think we all learned the lesson this week that you can't discount any team just because they're not going to the playoffs. (Unless they're Southeast division other than the Capitals, or maybe the Edmonton Oilers, who have racked up an abysmal 55 points this year, with their 24-44-7 record. Getting only 55 points in a hockey season is like being a baseball team that's lost 100 games: it's bad. Real bad.)

And the Blues aren't out of the playoff lineup... yet. So expect tonight to be a heavy-duty fight right down to the final buzzer.

Rock the Scottrade Center tonight, men!

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